6600gt flickering

iv just picked up an xfx 6600GT 128mb pci-e for my backup pc but every so often the screen flicks black and then comes back on,,if i try a game ,like cssource the pc locks up on the menu, i dont even get into game. On my main pc the card runs perfect,,all temps are fine (idle 46c, load 66c). my main pc mobo uses an intel chipset and the backup uses a VIA chipset...is there a compatibility problem? iv tried installing the latest via hyperion chipset driver but it still freezes,, im using forceware 91.31 for it,,..i cant figure why its freezing and i have to do a hard reset.
i really need to get this fixed,,.any advice is appreciated.
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  1. Do you have lastest drivers for the card on the backup computer? (Not windows drivers, acutal Nvidia dirvers)
  2. i have tried various nvidia forceware drivers even back to 61's, iv tried the card again in my main pc and runs without a problem,, looks like a chipset conflict,, iv read about this with agp versions but cant find anything on the pcie version.
    the board is an asus a8v vm-se , using an opteron144 cpu.
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