Will This Run Sc2 HELP

Quad Core 640 3.0GHZ
Motherboard MSI 760GM-E51
Gigabytes GTS450 1GHZ GDDR5
4GB DDR3 OCZ gold series 1333mhz 9-9-9-24
BFG 550W.
500GB Hard drive Seagate

Will it run it on high setting or no btw the guy selling it for 650$ woth it thx
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  1. Not worth 650 I think. Does it include Win 7?

    Are you Canadian or French?
  2. Hey thx for your reply im canadian

    So u say its not worth it but does it run it?
  3. Plz i need some advice
  4. It should run it at 1280*1024 at good detail or may run it at 1680*1050 with low-mid details.
  5. nice advice keep them coming
  6. Does it come with Win7? If so and it's new, it's a decent deal.

    There is a problem with the BFG PSU, as they are gone... no more BFG, no support, and their later PSUs weren't too good.

    I put together a similar list with a good case and PSU (win 7 included) from NCIX for about $670.... So if you had someone who could help you or you could build it yourself you could get all new parts for just a little bit more.
  7. I believe it should be able to run it even on Ultra at 1920x1200. I have a laptop, Gateway FX-7805u with 1920x1200, Intel core 2due 2.3GhZ, 4GB ram and 2 OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD and run like a charm. I say go for it, you should be fine on high, maybe even Ultra like me.

    NOTE: The only thing I dont like the the Power Supply. It may be too low, I wont recommend below 650W with such configuration. The WORST part is that BFG are out of business, and if something happen there is NO RMA no more. Let us know what u do...
  8. Correct - given Ultra/no AA a GTS 250 is fine for multi player SC2 a GTS 450 would have no issues ^^

    Starcraft 2 Multiplayer GPU Performance Analysis

  9. Thx everyone im prolly gonna go buy it since i am not able to build my own computer.
  10. ^ Why not DIY?
  11. Well im computer spec and piece is really not my thing so i dont really wanna go try to build my own comp because i know it ill finish in a bad way
  12. ^ There are MANY newbies who have done DIY first time around and everything worked out fine. It all depends on your initial planning and the research you put in to it. Even a monkey can build a PC. Seriously. It's like Legos. Spend a few hours doing the research and spec together a basic build and post it under Homebuilt. People here will help you out.
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