About the boot time and resume latency

I have two questions about the boot-time and S4(Hibernate) resume latency of SSD drive...

1) Are there any documents or specifications(by Intel or MS) defining the maximum boot time(here the boot time means the latency from "power on" to (maybe) "Windows logo appearance") and the maximum S4 resume latency for SSD drives ?

That is, we want to know if Intel or MS define some "speed" requirements for SSD drive...

2) According to the document:

It says one option for SATA Express device is to use the AHCI controller; and we want to know if this product is available now...

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    The answer to your first question is probably not. The problem with boot times is they depend on the hardware configuration and the application configuration. There are too many possible combinations.

    SATA Express is a brand new international standard. The first motherboards, ssd's, and other hardware are expected to become available at the end of the year.
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