What is the Length of Sapphire 5850

I've spent a good bit of time searching for overall dimensions for the following cards but can't find anything.
I need to know the length of the cards and how many slot they block before i can order one of them.

I emailed the questuion to Sapphire twech support but haven't heard back.

Please reply if you know the overall length of these cards and how many slots they block.



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  1. the vapor is 10.1 inches long (257mm)

    assuming 1Gb uses stock PCB then its 9.5" (240mm) or at worst its the same length as the 2GB card above.

    both cards are dual slot hence they take up (block) two slots.
  2. Thanks. These cards occupy two slots or just use one slot then block the one next to it? In any event it appears i need a new PC.

    It appears I need to replace my new PC because it uses the Intel DH55TC mb which is probably too cramped for either card.

    note the blue slot is the PCIe slot.
  3. they occupy two slots, you need two free slots in back to install them
  4. mike1 said:
    Sorry. neglected to add link to MB:


    the cards will fit if

    1) your case has enough room, get out your measuring tape. even most mini towers will fit a 9.5" card

    2) the PCI- E x1 under your PCI-E 2.0 slot is free
  5. it's going to be very tight as the SATA mb connectors will be under the Sapphire video card and I'll have to move the HDD to another bay which is no big deal. And I've got to find a good quality 600watt power supply with a depth of no more than 140mm.
    I'll measure again inside the case.
  6. you may need to get the SATA cables with the right angle connectors
  7. Cool, didn't know they existed. I like the PC and with the current video card upgrade to Sapphire 5670 1GB ddr5 it performs OK but i spend hours using Real Flight G5 Flight simulator and it runs bests @1024x768 16bit. I want to run it at 19200x1200
    32bit which is monitors native resolution.

    ZT Sysytems 7391Mi
    Intel i7 Processor 870 (2.93GHz)
    Intel DH55TC motherboard
    sataII 1.5TB HDD
    ati 4350 video card
    350watt (400watts peak) Delta PSU

  8. The 5850 isn't that large unlike some 5830s and the well known 5970. The largest card that I have ever tried to use was the massive 7900gts duo which was the same size as the 5970. 9.5in cards are typically aren't to long for most cases like the 9800gt standard or the 3870 as examples. The cards that really made people worry was the 8800gtx and the 4850x2. So if you really want to know is look up the sizes of the cards and make cardboard cutouts matching their physical dimensions such as length and height.
  9. Thanks for all of the helpful responses. I can't find the overall dimensions for the cards except for ct1615
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