Well balanced system config?

Hi peoplez,

I am configuring my new system on the dell website.
I was wondering if my choices seem to be well balanced:
- Studio XPS 7100 : AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (2.80GHz, 512kx6)
- Memory : 8192MB (4x2GB) 1333MHz DDR3 Dual Channel
- Hard Drive : 2TB (2x1TB) Serial ATA Non Raid (7200RPM)Dual HDD
- Graphics : 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card
- Operating System : Windows 7 Professional (64 BIT)

Does this seem about right? Or is one component completely overkill considering the rest, or does another component seem to be too low-end, considering the others?

edit: I probably should add that the system is intended mainly for coding and the occasional photo editing

thanks for help
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  1. I'd definitely drop the 6 core processor for a quad core one as your main system usage will never use all 6. Also if you can find something less than a 5770 that's not an Intel iga, that would also save money as you simply don't need it for photo editing, but it does help to have something.

    How much are you paying for this system? Have you considered building your own?
  2. thanks bavman,

    It's an XPS system that comes with a 6-core. I want it to be a performing system because i want to use it for years to come. I occasionaly play games as well, but this is not my main priority.
    The system costs roughly around 1150 euro.

    i stopped considering building my own system years ago after seeing too many self-made systems by 'profesionnals'. I have seen too many problems with them and frankly i do no longer wish to put all the effort in it to spare 1 or 2 euro (if that).
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