CS Source crashes in about 10-15 minutes of gameplay

As im playing counterstrike source my screen starts lagging then just freezes or goes black. The only way out of it is to get out of it is to ctrl alt delete and task manager and end the program. I seem to have the latest nvidia drivers. I havnt experienced this problem with need for speed shift or battlefield bad company 2

My computer
Amd athlon X3
Biostart 870+ motherboard
2 gigs ddr 3 ram
EVGA gts 250 video card
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  1. Have you monitored your temperatures? Use MSI Afterburner to 1) make sure your fan is runnning 2) monitor your temps.

    Has this just started happening? How old is the card?

    If you only experience the problem in one game it is probably a software issue with the game. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, try to play in Windows XP mode.
  2. Too add to what helltech said,try an older driver and see if it helps.Also disable windows "Aero" (if you are playing in Vista/7) and then launch the game.
  3. I doubt its the temperatures, I have had the computer for 3 weeks hardly
    I mean isnt battlefield bad company 2 way more demanding? I played the single player of that for hours without a hiccup.
    I monitored the cpu temp and it never goes above 51C
    I was thinking of getting older drivers or even possibly installing xp
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