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Can anyone please help me. I am planning to build a casual gaming rig, and small amount of hd editing. However i want a system that will be as quiet as possible. I will be using a single gtx 460 with sli down the road a possibility. I was speaking to someone at a store who said if i want quiet i should stay away from AMD and that intel is the only way. Could someone please tell me if this is true.
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  1. I see absolutely no reason why that would be true. An Intel might be a better choice for your system, but it won't be because it will be inherently quieter.

    The parts that make your system loud (and therefore if addressed properly, mean you have a quiet system) are CPU cooler, GPU fan, HDD, case fans, PSU fans. Someone building a machine with the intention of it being quiet would hardly ever stick with the stock CPU cooler.

    I have come to the conclusion that whoever you spoke to was either an Intel fanboy and would have suggested Intel no matter what, was paid (or thought he was being paid) to say Intel no matter what or is ignorant.

    If you fill in the sticky then members of this forum will be able to help you further, if you need it.
  2. Fans are the primary reason why a pc is loud.
    Do some research at for some good info on quiet components.

    AMD is a viable solution, but the Intel clarkdale duo cpu's do have the potential to be quieter. They are built on a smaller 32nm process which can make the cpu run cooler and needing less cooling.

    That said,
    either amd or intel will be quiet enough if you use a large tower type cooler with a slow turning 120mm or larger fan.

    Look for a GTX460 with a dual slot direct exhaust cooler. It will get the heat out of your case directly. Other coolers are good at getting heat off of the gpu die, but they just dump heat back into the case, raising both the gpu AND cpu temperatures.

    See if you can justify a SSD. They are noiseless, but more importantly, they really make everything you do feel so much snappier.

    One of my favorite quiet cases is the Antec solo, check it out.

    ---good luck---
  3. Thank you both for the advice. I believe the guy would have told me to go with intel no matter what. As you said many other components make a pc and most are neither amd or intel, (cooler, case etc) which is what i thought. I am very new to all this and after speaking to this guy i thought maybe i had it all wrong. Thanks for putting me straight.

    As i want to run sli at some point i was leaning towards intel as it seems alot easier on a intel platform. However as for gaming i just want a system that can outdo an xbox without sounding like a generator. I would like a pc that can be quiet enough to watch movies etc without hearing it all the time. Maybe i am expecting too much. I hear next year is going to be very intersting with lots of new stuff popping up, should i be patient and wait or do you think every year there will be new stuff and wont make a difference.
  4. A single good graphics card can run anything well at 1080P. Instead on planning for sli, just get one good card. It will be quieter with only one fan, and probably less expensive also.
  5. The most important is the case, then the PSU, then CPU fan, and the case fans.
  6. Ok thanks, so the case is important. I was thinking of an antec 900 2 however i read that that can be noisy. I think i need to buy i case made for low noise levels. Can you please give me some examples of quiet psu and cpu fans please.
  7. Case:
    This case is nice and quiet. But they did cut some corners on the build quality.
    Get some Lian Li aluminum case (they're a bit pricey though)

    The fan only spins when it needs to. And when it does spin it is pretty much inaudible.
    SeaSonic X650 Gold 650W ATX12V V2.3/EPS 12V V2.91 SLI Ready 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

    CPU Fan:
    I use these as CPU fans and really really like them. :love:
    GELID Solutions FN-PX12-15 120mm Case Fan with Intelligent PWM control

    Edit: Oh and try to fit a SSD into your build if possible.
  8. Also Cooler Master Sileo 500 but check the site geofelt linked.
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