Upgrading Mother board of Q6600 in a Dell


I have a Dell XPS 420 with a Q6600. I am would like to know if it is worth taking the processor out and buying a regular ATX motherboard and put it in a regular case and overclocking the CPU?

I am planning to buy a 450 GTS video card and a new power supply. I want to have a good gaming system using the Q6600. I will transfer the memory and other things to the new case.

Which of these motherboards would be a good one to use?
Intel P45 LGA 775 DDRx2 PCIx1 Maximus II GENE 140 dollars used
Intel P35 LGA 775 DDR2x4 PCIx3 P5K-E 68 dollars used
Intel G41 LGA 775 DDR3x2 PCix2 G41MXE 50 Dollars used
Intel P45 LGA 775 DDR2x4 PCix3 84 P5Q 84 dollars used
Inter P45 LGA 775 DDR2x4 PCIx2 P5Q-E 84 dollars used

Is this worth it?
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  1. I would spend the money to get a 460 instead of the 450 there is a world of difference.
  2. Depending on which stepping of the Q6600 you have Overclocking may not be a good idea. Downlaod <a href="http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html">CPU-Z</a> and check your Stepping, if It's B3 then I would recommend you save up and do a completely new build. However if It's a GO stepping your good for Overclocking.

    As far as the GPU goes I would also recommend to go with a 460, it will be significantly better for gaming.

    I'm moving out of a Q6600 rig this week with 4GB RAM and a GTX260, it can play most games on high settings with no AA or AF @ 1920,1080. However if you want the system to last a few years your best bet would be a completely new system.
  3. Quote:
    I do not know if the screws (holes) line up correctly or not, you will have to research that first before you purchase an aftermarket board.

    isn't that the first model Dell that allowed overclocking.?
    check into that too.

    with that being said, I'd also upgrade gfx card first..
    the GTS450 is a solid choice, I have one, you do not need a power supply upgrade to run that, it can run fine on Dell psu.
    the GTX460 or greater will need 2 6-pin plugs so then you wold need a psu upgrade.

    Today I found these cards:

    Ledtek WFGTS4501G Geforce 450 for 152 dollars

    Elsa Gladic GD4501GERS GTS 450 for 160 Dollars

    Difference between these two? These are new in the box
    Whic is better to buy?

    Geforce GTX 460 1G 256bit GDDR5 675MHZ 3.66GHZ 180 dollars. It is used but in like new condition. It is a Japanese store brand here. (big electronics chain in Japan)
    Is this a good price for this card?

    I am living in Japan so easier if I find the GPU here or it takes awhile to recieve from the states plus I have a gift certificate for about 137 dollars for the store.

    But cards back in the states are cheaper.

    Sappire HD 5870 1G Dual DVI 207 dollars used in like new condition.

    The Sappire is kind of expenisive even used.

    Which one of the other three should I get? If only the two 450s which one?
  4. Quote:
    i think that I have heard of the Ledtek before but do not know much about them, never heard of Elsa Gladic at all...
    GTX460 might require psu upgrade since it requires 2 6-pin plugs.
    the GTS450 will run on your Dell psu.
    I prefer nVidia to ATi..

    So just go with the 450 new instead of the 460 used?

    I am willing to upgrade psu but want to make sure it will fit in the dell case
  5. Quote:
    what will fit the case the gfx card or the psu.?
    standard ATX power supply so both will fit.
    but the GTS450 if your staying with you current psu is a good move
    and if to go with the psu and GTX460 please before you buy look into overclocking that unit, I do think that model is overclock-able..
    but if it's not then stay with the GTS450, it's a better pairing.

    From what I have read, I would have to do the tape overclocking method for this cpu. I do not know if its stable or not.

    So the Q6600 stock is best with the 450
    If can overclock, than the 460 is good?

    I willing to buy one of the used mb in the begining of my post if it will allow me to safely overclock software wise. I can buy a new case cheap.
  6. Quote:
    " I willing to buy one of the used mb in the beginning of my post if it will allow me to safely overclock software wise. I can buy a new case cheap. "

    not a bad idea... thinking more seriously about it now.?

    but yes, the GTS450 is a good pairing for stock Q6600 and overclocked is good for the GTX460.

    Yes serious. Which one of the motherboards is best to use with the Q6600?

    Everything should transfer over correct?

    So will need new case, mb, thermal gel, new fans?

    What about the hd? Will it still work with the operating system? Will I have to reinstall anything since it is a Dell?
  7. Quote:
    if a new motherboard then you will have to re-install your OS and all other software.
    i'm confused slightly hold on and clear this up...
    so now you might want to keep the hardware out of the Dell except the motherboard, right.?
    so you will have a Dell case and motherboard but nothing else in it and a slightly better unit up and running.?

    I would keep the ram and CPU and fans if they work in the other case.

    I would change the mb and psu, and gpu.
  8. Quote:
    so a LGA775 motherboard, what RAM do you have now.?
    don't count on the fans just yet but you can get them for like $15 shipped and one at least usually comes with the case.
    also what size board, mATX or ATX.?
    that really depends on wanting to maybe run dual video cards and/or how many pci slots you need..

    The mb selections are at the begining of the thread. I believe all are ATX except one.

    I just want to have a decent system for playing WOW, Diablo 2, Starcraft 2, RTS games, RPGs, and maybe some FPS, not into it much. I want to play Final Fantasy 14 but it says a 460 is needed.

    I will build a better computer later this year but cant afford to build now.

    So one video card for now.

    Ram is DDR2 5300 4gigs 667mhz
  9. Quote:
    sell the RAM and get 4GB(2x2GB) of DDR2 800MHz, that's a must for me and you if you want to have as much optimal gaming as possible.
    I'm not saying that you can't game at 667MHz but the difference between dual channel 667MHz and dual channel 800MHz to me,
    was actually more significant than I thought it would be.
    I'll run through the list of motherboards and then maybe suggest my own..
    where are you located and what's your budget.?

    I am in Japan, American, I can spend 100 dollars or less for mb. The prices above for the mb are from a local store.

    Thanks for helping
  10. Quote:
    navy man..?

  11. Quote:
    got ya..
    where you from and your welcome for the help..

    Ohio, you?
  12. Quote:
    born in cleveland OH and then raised in buffalo, ny.
    lived in chicago a while and now reside in south florida.
    college in tennessee, long story.. LOL

    Oh cleveland, I am cincinnati
  13. Quote:
    i lived there to in mariemont / fairfax area...
    small world.
    i also dwell'd in the minors for the Reds for about 3 years, made it up to AA ball in chattanooga (lookouts)
    twice, before and again after blowing out my right leg.
    I could go on with life but i'll stop now.... LOL

    so now where are we, settled on GTS450 and/or what else.?

    Pretty good to playball.

    Sorry to hear about the leg.

    I am a musician. Living in Japan, fun here. Different from back home.

    Yes 450 and was checking on the mb to see if worth changing from the Dell so can overclock processor.
  14. Quote:
    it is fun there.
    i was there briefly when in the navy, I got into trouble....:D
    I'd like to hear more, maybe we'll go private message and keep this thread technical...LOL

    now as for the mobo and Dell case are we modifying it with a Dremel cutting tool and keeping it to use (I've done it before);
    or are we now keeping the case with the old motherboard in it (stick it in the closet or on eBay.. lol) and getting new case.?
    I like to be in current time with the ideas..

    Yes lets private chat sometimes.

    Cut of the case, yes and use it as coasters ha ha.

    Maybe I think getting a new case.
  15. Quote:
    planning on running dual video cards in the future.?

    No. When I build a better system maybe.
  16. Quote:
    getting a better pic now...
    and from the boards you listed the DDR3 board would of course mean buying more RAM, is that in the budget.
    and on a side note, I do not like LGA775 running DDR3 RAM, it should stay no faster then DDR2 800MHz.
    personally i do not trust the compatibility.

    Oh ok

    So no DDR3 board.
  17. Quote:
    right, not for the Q6600..

    Change memory to PC 6400 800mhz

    What is big difference between last years cpus and the new Sandy Bridge?
  18. Quote:
    right LGA775 boards run better on DDR2 800MHz RAM and not the DDR3 boards that were made for the LGA775.
    DDR2800 in dual channel is all you need for LGA775.

    SB is better technology all the way around if compared to the equivalent of last years technology.
    i5-760 - last years, now on sale with the release of SB and does perform well in comparison but SB is a little faster without doubt..
    also same for the i7 SB but last years LGA1366 i7 builds are still superior but the SB even competes with those.

    I'll have some motherboards recommendation later today, been busy back at work.

    Cool ok
  19. Quote:
    you already have the GTS450 and power supply.?

    Yes have it.

    I bought the QLeadTek WinFast 450, not the OC for 138.
    There is a Japanese brand 450 that is OC to 829MHZ for 125.
    But the store people said the QLead Tek was their pick if they had to buy one.
    They said both are good as far as quality goes and the Japanese one has a 1 year warrenty and support.

    I didnt buy the Japanese one because I was concerned that the gpu interface and settings will be all in Japanese and maybe hard sometimes if I wanted to make any changes to the settings.

    Should I go back and get the Japanese card that is OC to 829?

    I know everyone says the card should be fine as far as the psu, but I want to make sure. The card package says 450watt min for psu and the store people kept on telling me I need more power than wants in my Dell.

    My Dell XPS 420 says 375 on the PSU but everyone here says it is higher than that.
  20. Quote:
    you'll be fine...


    I found a used Q9450 at 2.66. Will this be better than my Q6600 for gaming?

    It is 150 dollars.
  21. Quote:
    Q9 series is better than the Q6 and makes a better overclock-er when in the right board.

    This might be better, I can only change processor and build new system later.
  22. Quote:
    that processor with the GTS 450 and you can have fun for awhile...
    can you find a Q9500 or better.? Q9505, Q9550, Q9505s; the Q9650 will be too expensive.

    I will look.

    If I update my bios, what will it do for the system? I can upgrade from A03 to A07.
  23. Quote:
    go to the Dell site and fill in your credentials of your unit and all the BIOS updates will have a brief description of the enhancements in the actual update.
    I do believe that A07 or A08 is the latest (something like that, maybe even A09) and update your BIOS step by step...
    do not jump to download and install to the latest BIOS update, go to the next available version and start with that one and go all the way up, one at a time..

    I believe that the best way is to be already in windows and then install update, do not try to flash the BIOS on start-up.
    un-plug all USB devices except mouse and keyboard if they are USB (leave them in) and install update..

    Thanks Will try

    I am temped to get the 460 card. I read that the 6600 is not too bad with it.
  24. Quote:
    when overclocked it's not bad...
    but if trying to future proof then it's a better choice then the GTS450 to be honest.
    the GTX460 requires 2 6-pin plugs wile the GTS450 only requires one.
    so we'll need to re-check your psu to see if it has the 6-pin plugs or at least one and then get an adapter for the second plug.
    I'd get the better power supply instead of a pin and adapter - IMO..

    Yes I will buy the adapter. Performance should still be good right?
  25. Quote:
    what's the current power supply again.?

  26. Quote:
    IMO - the GTX460 is going to be pushing it to the limits so be easy, but with the adapter it might just work.
    don't get upset just in case it doesn't get enough juice..

    I will buy a new psu
  27. Quote:
    corsair builders series 500-watt will do the trick..
    even the corsair 430-watt builders series if you need cheaper..

    Will look for that.

  28. The XPS 420 comes with just a 375 watt power supply you should upgrade it if you will be going for the 460.

    The Q6600 is old but it is still a decent processor and can be overclocked fairly good somewhere around 3.2 to 3.4 GHz should be expected sometimes higher with better binned chips. I still run a Q8200 in one of my rigs which is basically same processor and at 3.2GHz OC it runs pretty nice its about just as fast as a Phenom II x4 is which has no trouble playing any game out.
  29. Quote:
    not all XPS are overclock-able but I like the way you think..

    I am thinking about trying the pin mod, I know you said you didnt like it but I would rather buy the 460, oc and save money for new system.
  30. Quote:
    oooh, good-luck.
    that's all I can say.
    let me know how that turns out and at least get a back-up chip for when it doesn't work.
    you might be able to get a C2D e7500 used for cheap..

    Think it wont work? How much of a chance that it wont work?
  31. Every pin mod I have done has turned out in sparks and smoke I would not suggest a pin mod.

    I did not read the whole thread but I was assuming he was buying a new motherboard to overclock his CPU. OC via pin mod is not something I would try with my main computer.
  32. saaiello said:
    Every pin mod I have done has turned out in sparks and smoke I would not suggest a pin mod.

    I did not read the whole thread but I was assuming he was buying a new motherboard to overclock his CPU. OC via pin mod is not something I would try with my main computer.


    I wont do it.

    Will only buy the 460 card
  33. Quote:
    and then back to the original plan of upgrading..
    bro, I'm a Dell guy and I've only seen that mod work once...

    Not going to take that chance
  34. Quote:
    so where exactly are we with what's going on now.?

    Going to return the 450, buy the 460 and power supply and than I will see how things go. Maybe change the mb.

    If the 460 dosent cause things to slow down, slow cpu, fast gpu, than I will buy the 460.
  35. Quote:
    try the GTX 460 first, the second is more complicated of a move...
    motherboard or cpu next, huh.?
    maybe cpu even tho it costs more BUT, since an upgrade at cpu would cost $200 anyways then think about just going new - IMO
    if not the new i5-2500K SB then at least the i5-760.

    I meant that if the the 460 causes the games to slow down because the Q6600 is slow, than I will change mb and oc cpu.
    The 15-760 is still good for gaming? Sandy bridge is new so if I can stick with the the 15-760, that would be good.
  36. Quote:
    i just built an i5-760 unit.
    i just looked and the i5-2500k SB aren't too much more..
    i'm good.

    i5 I might be coming
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