Two Drivers not installed; Can't find on DVDs

With the new build of my system below, i still have two issues: in the Device Manager, it shows the ATIBus driver isn't installed and the RAID Controller isn't installed. i thought i installed all of the drivers from the mobo's disk. i'm not as familiar w/RAID as some of you are :??: - i will have to 'read up' on it - would that driver be on the mobo's DVD also? Or does RAID have something to do w/my SATA drives? Perhaps something i need to download from WD's site? As for the ATIBus, maybe the mobo is only seeing the Nvidia driver? i am confused. :sweat:
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  1. Tip - NEVER install drivers off of discs that came with the product, they are OLD! Really, the first thing i do when I unbox something is throw the disc like a Frisbee into the trashcan..

    Get all of your drivers off the companies website.
  2. LOL! <like a Frisbee-i luv it!!! ROTF!> Ok. i did download all of the updates i THOUGHT i needed, but i'd better go back to the ASUS site. The 0906 BIOS is the same - that is the one installed. The ATI-SMBus Must be the on-board graphics; i'm not really using that yet - but i would like to know more about the GPU NOS and how i can connect it to my Nvidia card (or if i should) - will go to ASUS for that. As for the RAID Controllers... gotta read up on that & refresh my memory :-). Thanks.
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