Any Advice on new build?

Hello and thanks in advance for taking a look at my proposed build below. Im putting together a list of parts I'm considering for a new PC. The PC will be used primarily as follows in order of anticipated usage:

1. home video editing (AVCHD)
2. standard office apps/web browsing
3. VMWARE server hosting 2-3 VMs when needed for software development (periodic use)
4. Possibly as a TV viewer/tuner (depending on software/hardware requirements and what Win 7 media has built into it)(this is not a high priority - more a nice to have and I'm assuming may require a TV tuner card not listed below)

Proposed build:
ASUS P6X58D-E mobo + HAF 942 case (newegg 369.98 bundled)
XFX HD5770 vid card + Corsair 850TX Power supply ( newegg 254.98 bundled )
Coolermaster 212+ CPU Cooler (newegg 29.99)
1 TB WD(SATA 6GB/S) Hard Drive for media storage (newegg 89.99)
600 GB WD(SATA 6GB/S) Hard Drive as Primary Partioned Drive (newegg 69.99)
DVD burner reader (neegg 16.99 )
WIN 7 (new egg 139.99)

i7 930 processor (microcenter 199.99)
12 GB (3X4) OCZ gold ram (microcenter 229.99)

areas of concern:
I have the option of going with either 6 GB of corsair XMS triple channel 3X2 ram [DDR3 1600 cas=7]($150)or 12 GB of OCZ gold 3X4 [DDR3 1333 cas=9]($229)

Obviously a bit confused on memory choice here - am I better off with the higher GB of lesser quality RAM or less GB of the higher quality RAM (based on reviews, latency etc). I think the system will use a decent bit of the RAM I can feed it for video editing as well as running the VM's. Any input here is appreciated.....

Also have read that this mobo may be better suited to using the three slots of RAM as opposed to all six slots (as I considered a 6X2 combination as well).....any feedback ?

Second - Should I go with a SSD {SATA3 6GB/S} as the primary drive realizing they are still fairly expensive [$259 for 128GB] - are they worth the $$$ for any performance gain ?

Last - any other suggestions are welcome
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  1. Make sure the version of Windows you buy is 64 bit so that it can use all the RAM

    If you are simultaneously using running the vm's then you will probably be better off with 12 gig of slower RAM . There are only small gains of 2-3 % at most from using faster RAM , but big performance hits if you run low on RAM and your machine has to star using the hard disk page file .

    You dont say which version of Win 7 you are getting , but its not home premium 64 bit ... so what extra features are you getting that you need ?

    The power supply is over kill .
  2. I'm planning on purchasing 64 bit home pro(oem)... main reason is for RDP support....

    Unless you have better advice one way or the other

    Thanks again for the response.

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