I have an ati 5870, my old card is a nvidia 9800gt.
1. I was wondering if I use a third party software would I be able to get the 9800gt running physx, and which program should I use.

2. Should I or should I not use the nvidia 9800gt for physx.

3.What are the advantages of using physx?
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  2. 1. I believe you just have to use older drivers (some newer ones prohibit a main ati card + physx on another card), but I'm not sure which ones.
    2. What games do you play? For the most part it won't matter. If I were you I'd just sell it and save up for something else.
    3. Physx doesn't even apply in most games, and in the games that it does work in, it's usually not a big deal. It can add some nice effects though.
  3. Thnx for the reply, the problem is I'm 13 and I dont know how to sell it online, and Im sure my parents dont either.
  4. could I get this bumped please I need another answer thanks
  5. There are certain altered drivers out there that enable you to run a 9800GT in PhysX mode however I'd like to know your system specifications before I advise on this subject as you may not have the proper equipment to run a 9800GT in PhysX mode, and if so I'd recommend you sell your old card to a friend or on eBay etc.
  6. I all ready said I do not know how to sell it online. The computer is custom built by me.
    Intel i7 930
    h50 water cooling
    ati 5870 (xfx) rev2
    coolermaster haf x
    500 gb hard drive (dunno the manufacture)
    msi big bang xpower motherboard
    corsair 750w power supply
  7. so can someone tell me
    1. I should go ahead and use physx
    2. Dont use physx
  8. Yes it can use PhysX, Seeing as you don't want to sell your 9800GT(or atleast you don't know how)

    You should be able to find all the info you need via this site.
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