AMD althlon ii x4 vs amd phemon x2 which is better

which is better :hello:
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  1. Generally the Athlon X4 as it has double the cores but lacks L3 cache and generally has lower clock speeds. For some uses that cannot take advantage of the extra 2 cores the Phenom is better and has the chance to unlock 2 more cores.
  2. Depend what for, do you do anything that will utilize 4 cores if not the Phenom will do well.

    Generally I'd take the 4 core cpu or take a gamble on unlocking the PII.
  3. well see guys i don't have a choice of a 3 core processor i have a choice of a AMD Anthlon ii x4 640 or a AMD phenom x2 555. :bounce:
  4. It depends on what you plan to do with the system. The 640 is better for multitasking, so that would probably be my choice.
  5. wow :wahoo: thx and i will use the quad core for gaming and multitasking :bounce:
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