Motherboard Issues.

Here's the scoop. My sons computer just stopped working no Bios to boot into. Changed the power supply Fan on CPU Working, Drive will spin up nothing else
works. I thought that the motherboard pouched. Replaced the motherboard with a ASUS M2N68-AM Plus AM+2. Swapped CPU (AMD Athalon 64 X2 4600),
Board powers with 24 pin installed. Once 12v is installed CPU Fan spins up for a few seconds then shuts down. I read the the 12V powers the CPU, (I could be
mistakin). I think the CPU isn't working.

On a side note I'm using DD2 5300 ram. The spec call or DD2 6700 ram, not sure if this is the issue. Tried to boot with-out the ram as well.

This is the first time I tried to replace a motherboard. Read carefully when it came to installing the front panel leads. Didn't touch any of the jumpers on the board.

Can anyone shed some light on my issue. Before I spend any more money.

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  1. Be sure a working speaker is plugged in to the front panel speaker header and is capable of sounding BIOS beeps. Remove all the RAM and boot the system. If no beeps are heard signifying there is no RAM in the system, the CPU or MB or both have failed.
  2. You need to verify power supply voltages are ok before you can determine if the cpu or motherboard have failed. A quick google will provide your values for the individula pins.
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