AMD CPUs????

Trying to understand why anyone would ever buy an AMD CPU. I dont know too much about the technical stuff, but performance/cost seems to be far better with intel equivalents. Over the years that I have been building the odd computer it has always been like this. So this is why I ask... WHY AMD? :o
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  1. Bzzzt!! Flamebait thread detected.

    Danger, Danger Will Robinson!
  2. Since I don't feel like giving a detailed replay to a troll how about you take a look at best cpus for the money articles on this very site. AMD is overwhelmingly the favorite for budget and Mid range cpus. Specifically the Phanom II X4's are great gaming cpus for those that don't have a ton of cash to waste.

    If you want to argue for top end cpus I am with you on intel. But honestly once you get into the over 200$ area the performance increase is far smaller then the cost increase. Even if I had the cash to drop on a high end cpu I don't think I would. It could go to other areas that would give more marked increase in performance.
  3. well... i bought a amd athlon IIx4 plus a MSI 880g mobo for sale for 146.00 plus free shipping, unlocked the L3 cache i now have a phenom IIx4 running on a good borad for sub $150 ... the only sub 150 quad intel even has is yorkfield core duo so... there's value, btu if you are able to afford higher end then yes intel does win...

    i get the feeling you're one of those people who only cares abotu the halo products and top end... which usually means you either can afford it and price doesn't matter... or you're trying to make yourself feel good about your wolfdale celeron when the amd offerings for the price ade better
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