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Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 470 Super Overclock Temp?

Ok, I just built my new pc and everything seems to be running great/good. I bought the Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 470 Super overclock edition. I ran the FFXIV benchmark while running OC Guru and Nvidia Monitor just to monitor the temps during it and they went up to 78c before they leveled off mid way thru the bench. I was wondering if this is an ok temp, I don't know much about GPU's. I have it in an Antec 900 case with an AMD Phenom 955 BE on an ASUS M4N98TD EVO AM3 NVIDIA nForce 980a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard. So any help would be much appreciated. My wiring is actually really bad and I have to go straighten it up later, so that could be some of the heat, its almost completely blocking one of the fans.
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  1. TH did a quick review on this card, the temp numbers they showed were the delta over ambient. So your numbers look correct. I'm sure the fans could be pushed to spin faster and are set for a balance of less noise and acceptable temps. A reference gtx 470 can easily warm up to 90c.
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    That temp is fine.

    You will be up to 95c~ with that card. I wouldn't let it go above 85 myself, however.

    But 78 is fine. Just tidy up your wiring, and make sure you manually set the fan when you bench/game, screw that "auto" crap, I hate it.
  3. ok, i guess i can just go into oc guru on a custom profile and select everything to default but the fan speed? I really dont want to OC it at all, hence why i bought the super OC edition. oh and is there a program that will let me test the temps with a full load. The FFXIV bench is just about the only thing i have.. Thanks.
  4. Alright, I went and put my fan speed up to 77% and ran the bench again and my temp didn't go past 69c and stayed around 67-68c so thanks. And thanks alot for the super quick replies.
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