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SILVERSTONE DA700 for my upgrade?

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January 10, 2011 2:25:40 PM


Currently I've got a modular Corsair 520Watt (not sure as to the exact model) running a Core 2 Quad 8400 overclocked at 3.2GHz and an HD 5770 overclocked to 950MHz on the gpu and 1350MHz on the memory clock. Recently I have been strongly considering upgrading to dual 5770s and obviously for that I will need a new power supply. I'm on a budget of course so I would like to get the most for my money and at this point I also really enjoy the luxury of having a modular psu.
So I know that the SILVERSTONE DA700 (having 58amps on the 12v rail) should be able to easily handle that system overclocked and all, but I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience with it or has any reccomendations...
Also, I was considering going all out and buying modular corsair 750W, but if the above psu is just as good for my purposes then obviously it would be nice to save ~$50.

Thanks for any and all responses :) 
January 10, 2011 4:38:46 PM

power supply needs to have at least 55 Amps available on the +12 volts rails.

This two will do

Zalman ZM-600HP

OCZ StealthXStream 700 W

Theyre the same quality but cheaper

The Silverstone is a good one but its a bit pricey

Wait, but the Zalman is $150 on Newegg ( ), way more than the Silverstone which is $100... So for that price I'd be better off with a 750w modular Corsair:

Plus I like the reviews on that and the 90% efficiency and the 7 year warranty and the single 12v rail... Still not sure if that's worth the extra $45 though because the Silverstone looks pretty good too, I'm just wary because I've had a good history with Corsair and I've never bought from Silverstone before.
January 17, 2011 7:53:15 AM

you see i didnt put a link there coz it was out of stock the last time I looked. I just gave you cheaper just with the same quality hence those ones I suggested. But I said aswell thats a good psu that if you choose so and you feel its in you budget take it. Nothing wrong with it

Heres the review if you want to have a look

heres another good choice aswell

SeaSonic X650 650W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular

Can you please tell me the model of your corsair psu?

Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting to link it...

But I think you're right, as much as I want to buy something with the corsair name, that Silverstone looks perfectly fine for what I'm building... In that review you sent me, the 12v rail delivered a good 696W, it's impressive that it can run under a load like that and I wouldn't be putting it under that much stress even after I overclock. So, thank you, when I do get the money to upgrade I think I'll go with that one.
January 17, 2011 7:53:30 AM

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