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Crossfire/Eyefinity Questions

Hey Guys-

I currently have a single 5770, and I would like to eventually set up eyefinity with my comp.
I realize that a single 5770 will start to struggle at higher resolutions doing some games on eyefinity.

My question is this: if I bought a second 5770 and crossfired them, would I still be able to do eyefinity and get the graphical horsepower from both cards?
Would it matter which card the 3 monitors were plugged into?
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    it wouldnt matter. you still get the effect of crossfire. keep in mind all 3 monitors must be hooked up to single card. eyefinity cannot span cross dual cards (im speaking connection port wise, not power wise) you still get the crossfire effect.

    so make sure one of your 5770's has a Displayport. and also your going to need either an Active Displayport/Dvi (or hdmi or vga) adapter. or a monitor thats native displayport
  2. I've actually heard that if you use a Displayport to VGA adapter ($30, not "active"), it works just as well. The only drawbacks are that VGA is getting older, and it has a limit of 1920x1200. But that works for what I'm doing.
    I'm waiting on an RMA for a part for my system; when I get it back and set everything up, I'll try this out and see how it works.
  3. well if you have it already you might as well use it. but just in case it doesnt work heres the one im using. its only 25$ and is Active as well as eyefinity validated by AMD.
  4. Tried it out and it worked fine for a 1440x900 monitor.
    I don't think there really is such thing as an "active" displayport to VGA. Because VGA is already limited to 1920x1200, you don't need the power to go higher. I think the "active" part of the Displayport > DVI just means it needs the usb power to get those higher resolutions. Does that sound right? There seems to be limited info on the web about this.
  5. Yes you need an active adapter. You only need a single link adapter tho, which run around $40 (1920x1200 limit) whereas dual link adapters are good for up to 2560x1600.

    Good examples (Canadian store):
    (dual link)

    Bad ones:

    I don't know the specifics of why it needs to be active other than display port uses a different signal. I think a non-active one will only work for 1 or 2 monitor set ups.

    Other than that, like CrysiscOMA said, all displays plug into the top card none into the bottom when in CF.
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