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Hi all,
I recently built a new PC and was told to run HW Monitor to check my CPU temps/voltage etc... I installed and ran the program and the only category it displays is Power. On top of that, the wattage of the CPU is "0.00W" and no other hardware is displayed. Am I doing something wrong or should I be concerned about my PC?
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  1. Some of those programs simply don't work. My biostar hw program never worked; displayed an error message when installed. Try cpuz, a free download, and don't worry about voltage or wattage, unless you plan to overclock.
  2. Nope, a PC of my own design.
    AMD Phenom II 970 B.E.
    MSI 880G-E45 microATX w/ onboard HD4250
    Corsair 4G (2x2G)
    Samsung 1TB HDD
    XFX HD5780 coming soon
  3. I guess what I really desired from HW Monitor was CPU temperature. Are there any other programs I can use to display this? I tried Everest as well but again it didn't show me core temps.
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    Coretemp is a small file that just shows cpu core temps, up to two cores. I've never tried it with 4.
  5. I installed Coretemp last night and it worked! HW monitor may not have worked because I'm using Winodws 7... anyway, thanks for the help!
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