Which card should i get?

Hey...im about to replace my old 9800GT so i was thinking of a GTS 250,GTX 260, ATi 5750 or ATi 5770

BTW i got a cheapo 500W PSU... which card should i get? and why? :p
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  1. None of the cards you listed is a signifigant enough upgrade to really make a difference from a 9800GT. A GTX460 1GB or an HD5850 would be much more of a step up for you. Really depends on your budget and what resolution you play at.
  2. Out of your list the 5770 is the only one I would get, if I had to get one. But as anort said, none of those are really a big enough upgrade to warrant the upgrade. If you can sell the 9800GT for a decent price you will see some improvement with the 5770, but otherwise I wouldn't bother, save up till you can get the cards anort suggested.
  3. Between those, the best choice is HD 5770, but like anort3 said,its not worth it.
    Consider at least a GTX 460 or 5850 (if your budget allows), and they'll give you a good boost in performance.
  4. the 5770 will more than likely work on your 'cheapo 500w' PSU and its a decent upgrade, However as maziar said a GTX 460 or Radeon 5850 are more worthwhile upgrade producing quite a performance improvement, You will however in this case have to upgrade to a Branded 500~650w minimum, Recommended 750~850w for future-proofing.
  5. so..a 5850 or GTX 460?? how much do those cost?
  6. Performance is a relative word. If the rest of your system can't push it it won't be worth the money spent. .... and your power supply will need the amperage to run it.

    I think 460's go for $200 and the 5850 are $260+.
  7. 460's the best buy as you should be able to pick one up and a PSU for roughly $280 USD via newegg. Do you need links?
  8. yeah..please..thanks
  9. bahrwiz said:

    This Palit card scored the best in Tom's Hardware's recent comparison of GTX 460's, Its roughly 15% better than a stock 460, It doesn't list a price(it says see in card, plus it says theres a rebate available, Im guessing $229 or around that mark)

    and Here is the PSU I picked, Its a OCZ Fatal1ty 550w Modular PSU, its currently $64.99 or $44.99 with rebate.

    Both of these components will ensure a fast, stable system and seeing as the PSU is modular it will help with cabling.

    Estimated cost after rebates is $275 or so.
  10. so...a 550W psu can take this card? even for gameplay like...5 hours above?? how much would temps be??
  11. Yes it would be able to take it continuously, as for the temps... I'm not sure, but they wouldn't be extra-ordinary or anything.

    EDIT: upon review of the recent 460 article from tom's hardware I'd say your card should sit between 61 and 65 degree's on average.
  12. is that on idle?? or during the 5 hours+ gameplay??
  13. 61 Idle Load, 65 Peak Load(with full fans blowing)

    Keeping in mind that your case is probably different I still wouldn't allow more that 5 degrees of variation IMO.

    So yes, after 5 hours of game play I wouldn't expect anything above the 70 degree mark.
  14. yeah..my case is actually a cheapo lol..
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