Hello,Having lately become disabled and unable to work Iwas looking for a hobby to spend my time with. I was a carpenter for 30 yrs and before that I repaired radars in the US Army The army sent me to electonix school but that was was back in the days of tubes!my first project I would like to start is a computer to replace my wifes dell which is so noisy you can hear it running two rooms away.She use mainly for the internet word processing(trying to write a book)and downloading movies from netflix.the only game she ussaully plays is scrabblewhich is enuff to make the dellwhir like its coming off the desk.I'm thinking maybe the intel I5 w/o a video card may be enuff for her but am very interested in what builds people with more experiance than me would reccomend thanx
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    Okay. For you wife's computer, what year is it. This is just to get an idea how far you have gone using the unit.
  2. Once you get the page filled out, post it in the Homebuild section of the Forum. You will get PLENTY of courteous pros to help you.

    Happy build! And this may be a great hobby later down the road.
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