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Trying to choose between 5 PSU's

Last response: in Systems
October 15, 2010 11:06:46 PM


I am from Greece, I am about to buy a new psu and external box for my pc as an upgrade. My current is a no name 400watt with lots of problems so its my first priority.
One of the local stores has some extremely good offers in specific PSU's and for many reasons;

1: un-boxed or scratched box, etc
2: commercial piece, they used it for commercial purposes once, etc..
The matter is that they have full warranty and nothing is missing.

Well the PSU's I am talking about are,

Corsair CMPSU-620HXEU PSU (620W), 69 euro (it says commercial product, offer with 5 years warranty, etc).
Chieftec CFT-750-14C 24pin PSU (750W) 75 euro (un-boxed but it gives only 2 years warranty because the product is not supported officially in my country).
Chieftec CFT-850-14C 24pin PSU (850W) 79 euro same as the other

Or shall i choose a retail shield product between these 2?
Corsair CMPSU-650TXEU PSU (650W) 99 euro 5 years warranty shield box.
CoolerMaster GX Series 750W PSU (RS750-ACAAE3-EU) 111 euro 5 years warranty shield box

I am a photographer and video gamer.. I use lots my Photoshop and in general photography editing and manipulation + video games, so I need to choose something that will due for few years!

I used a couple of years a tagan 850watt but the power went down, no warning and it burned my old processor and motherboard, I am scared a bit since then and I ended up with a crappy 400 watt psu and a very pure in power graphic card.. Its time for an upgrade.

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October 15, 2010 11:15:39 PM

I would get the corsair one because it is a very reliable brand and.. yeah. ":p 
October 15, 2010 11:30:55 PM

Which one? The 69 euro offer 620w or the 650 shield box? Its HX VS TX.
I think the HX is Japanese and Japanese are good.

650 are enough for a very powerful graphic card? Like gtx470 (as an example).

I am not thinking for 2 graphic cards on a pc.. so if that will due.. I will buy the corair.

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October 15, 2010 11:41:47 PM

1 Corsair 650 can handle any single graphics card and many dual configurations. A 650TX would probably even do 2 x GTX470s.

The 620 w is modular and generally more expensive but is nice if you have a clear side case and like it to look neat.
October 16, 2010 12:18:43 AM

Here's some more in-depth info on those two Chieftec units:
Apparently they are just relabeled/rebranded CWT PSHs, which is the same platform that the Corsair TX series uses. So if you can deal with the lack of warranty (or other problems raised by the Xbitlabs review) and they have the connectivity you are after then I see no reason not to get one.

If you can't overcome whatever problem with one of those Chieftec's then I'd suggest the Corsair HX 620. It will be able to deal with almost all single GPU set ups as well as the 650TX can. I don't really think the extra '30 watts' is worth 30 euros.

Definitely don't get the Cooler Master GX 750, it is crap; can't deal with heat, all sorts of problems even when it's cool.
October 21, 2010 11:58:45 AM

Thank you all.. I finally bought one but none from the ones I listed.. When I originally visited the store, I asked price about corsair850TX and corsair 850HX.. and the distributor in my country send one in my house via post lol.. I took it.
I bought Corsair 850TX series.. with 125 euro, shield box.. Its good and very silent. Now the only thing I need is a new graphic card and a full tower case. Thinking of coolermaster RC-840 and between 2 cards.. Gainward gtx460 2 gb ddr5 golden sample or the new ati HD6xxx series.. same price and I think more powerful.
October 21, 2010 12:08:21 PM

850W is overkill for your application I believe. Even with 2 GTX 460s 650W is fine. I think the money would have been better spent else where. But it should give you all the upgrade room you need for years so thats a plus.

Good luck.

October 21, 2010 12:27:59 PM

2 GTX460s will take only about 600W (below 650W). But getting a 650W PSU will leave you almost no free room.

October 21, 2010 1:03:11 PM

So you believe I did well? Even if I rushed a bit.
The only thing I can tell about the PSU as I installed it 2 days ago, it is very silent and shutdowns stopped.. My old noname psu 400watt was a very faulty one.. That’s why I took it without making a second thought.. it made a strange sound like high frequency some times and scared me lots.. Plus you could fry eggs on it.. In the other hand the corsair is very cold!!!!! I open my pc in the morning and shutting down at nights.. and its cold all the time! amazing.

I may have to create a second topic about it, but it’s a very simple question so I post it here..

What shall I choose? A Gainward GTX460 GS 2 gb ddr5 or the brand new series of ATI HD6850 or HD6870. The price is almost the same.. Gainward gives 2 gigs or ddr5 ram... I am a photographer so I do lots of photoshop but I also play video games.. MMOs and dragon age style games.. some fps.
October 21, 2010 1:14:12 PM

Why not go with a normal GTX 460 1GB? If your running normal resolutions like 1080p then 1GB will be fine. I'm sure the 2GB costs you a lot. Also I would recommend waiting for the 6000 to see how they roll though I doubt much will beat the 460 when its price drops come into affect.

Wait for the 6000 and get either one of them or the GTX 460 1GB.

Atleast you'll beable to keep your PSU for ages to come and not worry about upgrading like with the 650W. An 850W can even run SLI GTX 480s.
October 21, 2010 1:19:21 PM

No, Gainward is in the same price tag with 1 gigabyte cards!! It cost just 190 euro.. ! that’s why I picked that instead an 1 giga card.. well I am not in a big rush for it after all.. but the price is a killing for this card.

as for the PSU I choose a full tower case that can hold up to 2 PSUS for feature use.. extreme I know.. but its full aluminum and lots of features if I ever need extra watts lol.

I will create 1 more topic for graphic cards.. So is gonna be easier to speak about :) 
October 21, 2010 1:23:21 PM

u shoulda asked for the corsair 750hx but still u got a good PSU

corsairs make good PSUs but i prefer modular for less clutter