HDD No longer appears.

Hey guys... first off, I have windows 7 installed my an SSD. I was playing BF3 today which is installed under my E:/ (my HDD), quit out, and I got a crazy error from Origin. So my HDD somehow is no longer there... also on a side note, I was running FRAPS at the time and was storing my video on my E:/ drive... when I went to restart, I'm stuck on the "Starting Windows" screen much much longer than I usually am, around 15-20 seconds when I only usually see it for about 4-5 seconds.
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  1. is the drive appearing in your bios?
  2. ok weird thing just happened.... I totally unplugged my computer and planned to do a CLRMOS thinking my mobo is a piece, which it is... anyways I decided quickly against it and everything booted up fine... so weird. i think me recording around 30 minutes of HD gameplay in BF3 kind like, killed it for a little bit? idk, because before I was only using around 100GB of the HDD, then when I boot it back up there's only around 100GB left of space... come to find out my videos took up around 500~ gb's. what could've caused this? you think that might've been the culprit?
  3. well I think fraps records video uncompressed, so its going to take up a lot of space until you re-encode. A possible explanation could be hdd going bad, I would run the manufacturers diagnostic test on it and see if any bad sectors are found.
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