Intel i3 540 or AMD Phenom II x4 955

Hi all!

My son and I are trying to build our first computer.

I am trying to decide which CPU to buy for a gaming computer/home work computer (COD4, COD5, Bad Co, Civil 5). Other needs would be video editing and Microsoft Office.

I thought the AMD would cost less. However, New Egg has the 530 @ $114.99 and the x4 955 is $145.99

The bench marks I have seen show the i3 (even in games) doing pretty well against this AMD chip.

What am I missing?

Is there a motherboard that would help make a difference in both cost and performance?

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    Usually you can get AMD motherboards cheaper than LGA1156 feature for feature to make up the price difference.
  2. Get the 955, its a brilliant chip, and yes, AMD motherboards are often cheaper. What sort of graphics card are you looking at for this computer?
  3. I have an older Nvidia 8500 GT. Later this year we would like to add a lower end Radeon 4650 or Radeon 4670.
  4. New Egg just posted this i3 540/Asus mobo combo for $184.98.

    I do really like the 955 chip, but the best deal I see is $50.00 more:
  5. That I3 combo is good value.
  6. The board does not have 3.0 USB or SATA 6. No Cross Fire support either...hmm
    I think my son might want to have these featues in the future.
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    If your wants those features then this combo is a good foundation with the 955BE Crossfire support!
  8. PhII 955BE / Asus M4A87TD EVO AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3: $223

    The Giga-Byte GA-870A-UD3/PhII 955BE combo is another $10 if that is more to your liking.

    Gaming will be most dependent upon your video card selection. Video transcoding will better use the Phenom cores.
  9. He wants Crossfire support!
  10. Quote:

    Two PCI-Express 2.0 16X?

    What does that mean?

    The Asrock board has two slots but the second slot is running at X4.
  11. I know the i3 540 combo is good value. But it lacks USB 3.0 and potential for Crossfire.

    So I think I will go with the AMD 955 and the Gigabyte 880 mobo combo:

    I am adding 3x2mb G Skill Ripjaws:

    and a Corsair 550 PSU:

    with a Hec Blitz Mid ATX case:

    and HIS 4670 Radeon GPU
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