Will this Nettop play Starcraft 2?

Hello guys, I stumbled upon Zotac's zbox and saw it had an nVidia Ion GPU

here's the URL


I want a nettop that can play starcraft 2 on a 1024 x 768 monitor

hopefully keep it on the cheapside, under $300.
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  1. Sorry, but no nettop will play SC2.
  2. Watch this video:

    Short story is you might be able to play it on an ION, but it won't be pretty and your frame rate may drop to (near) zero at times.
  3. lucuis said:
    Sorry, but no nettop will play SC2.

    After watching that video I'm afraid you're wrong.

    I guess the Ion CAN play Starcarft 2...
  4. Wow, after the overclock it ran pretty good. Before that i wouldn't even touch it.

    That raises the question though...is it under $300? I doubt it.
  5. It is under $300... that's why I want it!!!

    Play starcraft on the go
  6. Personally I wouldn't get it, but if you're okay with low quality then go for it.

    Alternatively, you could spend a little more and get an actual laptop with decent graphics and a more powerful cpu:
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