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I have a supermicro X7DA8 motherboard which I am trying to upgrade to R5472 (3ghz quad core) cpus, the board has the latest bios and works fine with dual core cpus, however when I fit the quad cores, nothing happens (ie power on blank screen forever). I put the duals back in and its fine.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?


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  1. I would contact supermicro online support by email. Supermicro doesn't have a "cpu support" link for your board on it's webpage. You should always verify cpu support for any board before ordering a new cpu.
  2. Hi,

    Well I did check the that the board supports a 5400 and according to this


    it does, but only rated up to 3.16 GHz (hence why I went for a 3GHz)

  3. Hello Scott07

    The X5472 or E5472 (not sure which one you have - an R5472 model does not exist) Xeon CPUs operate at 400MHz FSB (1600 Quad Pumped). And the Intel 5000X (Greencreek) chipset of your X7DA8 mainboard only accepts 333MHz (1333 Quad) FSB CPUs.

    To use a X5472 or E5472 CPU you would need a 5400 (Seaburg) chipset based board.
  4. These are the fastest CPUs your board should accept:

    Name / sSpec Code / Speed / Cache / Quad FSB

    Xeon E5450 / SLANQ (C0) SLBBM (E0) / 3 GHz / 2×6MB / 1333 MT/s
    Xeon X5450 / SLASB (C0) SLBBE (E0) / 3 GHz / 2×6MB / 1333 MT/s
    Xeon X5460 / SLANP (C0) / 3.17 GHz / 2×6MB / 1333 MT/s
    Xeon X5470 / SLBBF (E0) / 3.33 GHz / 2×6MB / 1333 MT/s
  5. I have been corresponding the Supermicro tech support about this, apparently earlier revisions can't support the X5460's but later revisions of the MB with the latest bios can support up to the X5470 even though their site says up to X5460 3.16 GHz.

    You will need to contact their tech support with your boards serial number to find out if it will or not.

    I am going to try the X5470 in the very near future but sure would be nice if anyone else is running them on this motherboard already could confirm they will indeed work.
  6. I can now confirm, even though their site says up to X5460 3.16 GHz, the X5470 3.33 GHz SLBBF processors do indeed work!

    I dropped a pair in my system and it fired right up, no problem.

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