980x Price wont come down for another year or two?

Based on this article: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/287?vs=142

It seems the new sandy is faster and cheaper, but I got this feeling the 980X will stay with the 1k price tag for long after the release of the 2011 socket platform... reguardless of performance and price.

I remember the Quad Extremes stayed over priced even long after the release of the i7 line up.
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  1. Certain CPU's almost become like cult figures and are always sort after.

    I was, and still am hoping for a price drop across the board before I make any decisions.
  2. Extreme Edition chips never come down in price.
  3. Ya thats what I was thinking... when the 2011 platform comes out and those chips totally blow away the 908x in every single aspect, i predict the prices of the 980x will remain completely within the 1k mark.
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