Attempting to set up dual monitor
Nvidia control panel only sees one analog display although it is connected on DVI port on GeForce 6600 card.
MSI MB is Nvidia750-G55 w/ nForce 750a SLI where the second connector is HDMI and connected to onboard hdmi output.
Can I make them both work at same time?
To get dual monitor to function should I remove the 6600 card and just use on board video?

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  1. if I understand correctly you have one display on a video card and the other run to the onboard video.

    i did get that to work once with xp but it took a lot of tinkering. amusingly enough when I called microsoft about an unrelated issue they told me it was not possible.

    the easy way, get a card with two outputs

    or the hard way
    make sure onboard video isn't disabled in the bios, many mb's do this by default when you install a discreet video card

    make sure both video devices show up in device manager

    both video card will have to run the same driver, can't run two nvidia drivers you can run 1 nvidia and 1 ati though...

    is the hdmi to a tv, it's not uncommon to have to force detection on tv's

    good luck and happy tinkering
  2. 505090s got it all written out for you - only thing i might add is that if your onboard is not nvidia then you will have to access both driver control panels to configure the monitors/ set priority - not sure but the latter might be easier to do from the settings tab in desktop properties.

    If they are the same (i doubt) its a cinch to do from nvcpl.
  3. Thanks for the good info. I got as far as getting both devices to show up in device manager. Bios only has option to set primary display device.
    ncpl only shows one anaolg output.
    on board video is nForce750aSLI.
    6600 card has dvi and hd15 connectors. Might have to use xga and seperate 3.5mm audio cable for now. Machine is capable of blu ray output with HDMI but that will be later machine must show video today on the big screen.
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