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Well i have an old motherboard that can just house upto core2duo processor. I currently have 3ghz P4,2gb ram and 9800GT 512mb card..I am quite tight on money and just want a cheap and good core2duo for gaming needs so that they can run games at decent fps,i dont want very good graphics or to run games at full settings but yeh the fps should be good and they shudnt lag much(very less if at all possible) and yeh overall,it shus b much better gamin experience than my p4 processor,so plz comment advice,thanks a lot

P.S. i will change my entire system to core i7 or something new in 1-1.5 years ,so just want something cheap and good for the time being.
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  1. Go to your motherboard vendor's site, check for compatale CPUs, pick the best one you want to pay for. The 9800GT will be able to keep up with just about any CPU out there.
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