Upgrading from a GTS 250- what's my best option?

I want to keep the price below 200 dollars. I was considering a radeon 5770. Would that be a noticeable upgrade from the gts 250?
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  1. It wouldn't be a very big upgrade, an upgrade, but not a big enough one to be worth it

    How about GTX 460 758mb version?

    170 after shipping and MIR.
  2. Take a look at the latest "Best Graphics Cards For The Money" article here at Tom's. Here is the August 2010 article at the $200 price point.

    According to the article, at $200 the best cards for the money are the Radeon HD5830 and the GeForce GTX 460 768GB. The HD5770 is the best buy at ~$155.

    If you want to compare to your current card, look at the last page of the article that includes a hierarchy chart with all modern GPU's. All cards mentioned so far are above the GTS 250 on the chart by 1 tier. According to the author, an upgrade is worthy if it is three tiers or greater, but that is their opinion. The HD5770 is on the same tier as the HD5830, so it may be worth it to you to save the some money.

    I suggest you look at benchmarks of the games you like to play and determine if the HD5770, HD5830, or GTX 460 will give you what you need.
  3. That gtx 460 looks good, but I haven't heard much about palit. Are they reliable?
  4. Palit have really stepped their game up lately, they are pretty good. If you live in the US they have a 2 year warranty now.
    However you can find similiar brands within 15 dollars of that price range if you are uncomfortable with them. I just found you the cheapest 460 is all.
  5. Galaxy's for 178

    Sparkle's for 180 (Lifetime Warranty)

    EDIT - I meant to edit my last post, not double post, sorry.
  6. I think I'll give Palit a shot. Thanks.
  7. You can read reviews of the Palit GTX 460 768mb, just google that and I'm sure you'll find something.
  8. do you have a setup that is capable of running 2 gts250's in SLI? you should do that, unless you can afford a GTX460 1gb, then that would be worth it. If it was me, id wait for the radeon 6000 series, your current card is still fast enough for pretty much all games.
  9. I would agree with ^.
    The GTS 250 is really good! I've been considering SLI'ing it myself for a while now!

    The GTX460 768mb is a good choice. Though I'd go with the 256-bit version (which I guess comes only with the 1 gb version). The 768 mb is 192-bit.

    Hence, if possible, consider getting a second GTS250. Else, the GTX 460


    That would certainly be 'noticeable'! :)
  10. What size and resolution is your monitor?

    If you're not running over 1920x1080, you won't notice a huge difference. I echo the above. SLI if you can, or just wait till something like a 480 or 5870 is in your price range.
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