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Graphics Card Placement?

Hi guys,

i was opening my computer to reconfigure my ram one of the things i realized was that i'm using my 2nd pci slot on my motherboard.

My motherboard is a P7P55D Deluxe, the link below is where i placed my video card thanks guys for your time.
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    It is different from motherboard to motherboard, some pay run that slot at 4x, some at 8x, some at 16x, and some may run it at different speeds depending on if you have another card in the first slot already.

    You should check your motherboard manual, I'll go and look at it for you however and edit this post after.

    According to page 2-22 of your manual you should have it in the first slot for single card placement... however unless you are running a very high-end graphics card you will not notice much of difference (even if you are using a high-end graphics card the difference is tiny).
  2. i have a nvidia gtx 295. it probably wouldn't matter then right?
  3. Ehh it might matter a little bit, but not enough to really matter.

    You could always bechmark it in heaven in both slots if it really bothers you, its not like it would be a big deal.
  4. alrighty. thanks a lot for your help
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