Latency/ping difference between a router and a adsl modem

Hello guys,

So my problem involves latency with a router of mine. I have a Pirelli DRG-A225G and i used to own a D-link 360r adsl modem.
When i played online games with 360R i usually had a ping around 30-60ms. Which was great and fine by me.
Since i got this pirelli my ping went 30-60ms more. The ping is even higher in games that use p2p/direct ip protocol. Which means my current ping is around 90-120 or even 130ms.

I didn`t change ISPs.

So i ran a few tests on with a friend of mine, (which is still using a d-link 360). He lives like 20 meters from me and uses the same ISP.

We both used Oslo as test host.

d-link 360r gets 65ms.
pirelli DRG-a225g gets 95ms.

In some games especially those that use p2p/direct ip, the differece is even greater. Like 40 or 50ms.

I tried the following things to reduce my latency:

-disabling router firewall
-enabling DMZ mode
-both at the same time
-opening ports for games

After doing this stuff, i still get the exact same results. (both on pingtest and games)

I`m using IPTV. Which is connected to my pirelli trough LAN (i think). I thought this could be a reason for those extra 50-70ms.
So i disconected IPTV (it`s called ExtraTV if it means anything) and tried and still get the same results.

Another friend of mine (which uses same ISP and lives in same town) uses a Thomson Speedtouch ST780 router. He gets exact same results as me.
He thought that his problem was in Symmetric NAT (that speedtouch uses) but now i see that it`s not, since pirelli doesn`t use that kind of NAT.

Oh yeah one more thing, i have a spare d-link 360r in my house. When i disconect pirelli and put 360r i get the good old 30-60ms latency back.

Basically i can`t put back my 360r since it doesn`t support IPTV(extratv) and my family watches the TV.

So the ultimate question would be, what causes that extra 50-70ms? Is it just the fact that i`m using a adsl router?
Can this problem be solved somehow or it`s just that the routers function like this?
Maybe you can point out if missed something.

p.s. sorry for the wall of text and if there are any grammar mistakes, english is not my primary language
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  1. tracert

    watch your pings as they increase per hop and watch for any large jumps.
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