SSD Drives and Windows 7 Sleep

I am considering upgrading to my first SSD. The new OCZ Vector looks promising.

I have withheld from upgrading because I have read that there is difficulty in getting Windows to sleep when booting from an SSD.

Is this true?

Thank you.
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    I don't know in general. I can tell you that my particular rig sleeps just fine. Originally, it had a problem waking up, but that was the OS's fault. Win7 seems to do a Hybrid Sleep by default, writing a hiberfile and then going into sleep mode. The idea is that you can wake if everything goes right, or recover from hibernate if there is a problem. But the system would never wake from sleep.

    Easily solved by disabling hybrid sleep (I'll look up the details if you want; it was not glaringly obvious but somewhere in power settings). Now my machine will sleep and wake.

    I have no idea if this is related to what you heard or not, though.
  2. Yes Wy'Knott, That is an expansion upon what I'd heard.
    Unless I hear something opposite of what you have said, I will go ahead and get an SSD.
  3. You read the book!
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  5. I ended up with the Samsung 840 Pro and am so far pleased with the choice.
    After updating, sleep works nominally.
    Thanks for your help!
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