Crossfire 4850 or one 5770

Hello all,

I've been looking to upgrade my GPU. I currently have a 4850, and wasn't sure about the best route to take. I was going to get another 4850 to crossfire with, but I'm curious if I would be better off simply upgrading to a 5770 instead.

Also, I have a 650W power supply. Would I need a bigger PSU if I went the crossfire route?
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  1. What brand power supply do you have? The brand matters more than the wattage that point.
  2. Two HD 4850s would work quite a lot faster than one HD 5770, although the HD 5770 does offer lower power consumption and DirectX 11.

    Helltech is right, what power supply specifically do you have? If it's a Corsair HX650 then you'll have no problems, if it's something generic you would probably be taking a risk.
  3. It's a Corsair TX650.

    I'm not too familiar with power supplies though. Why is the brand the bigger issue?
  4. Well it doesn't matter since you have a corsair. But a bad branded 650w PSU might not even power one high end card (I've had this issue with a BFG PSU before), technically I should have been able to SLI my cards with it, but I couldn't even get one to run!
  5. Quote:
    Why is the brand the bigger issue?

    With brand comes quality and stability.. Two keys elements in ensuring your components receive clean and stable power for their optimum performance and life..
  6. Considering the fact that 2x4850's will require about 500-550W and you have a Corsair 650, you're good to go with a second 4850.

    I would opt for this over a single 5770. A single 4850 is almost as good as a 5770 except the DirectX11 feature. Now, get two 4850's and there's your answer! Both cards have the same No. of streams processors. The 4850 is 256-bit and the 5770 is 128-bit. But the 4850 is DDR3 memory while the 5770 is DDR5.

    Considering the above specs, dual 4850's will be the better option. Plus, you have the power to work those bad boys! ;)
  7. I would go for a second 4850.

    Read How Much Power Does Your Graphics Card Need? to find out how much power you need.
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