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Refurb PSU.

My original psu failed, it was a OCZ Fatality 550W.
During the RMA process the psu they were going to send me was on backorder, so they are now sending me a refurbed "OCZ 700W ModXStream pro"
What do you think about a refurbed PSU?
The warranty from the original PSU will still be in effect on the refurbed one, leaving me with about 2 years of warranty.

Are refurbed PSUs trustworthy?
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  1. Refurbished units generally get checked over quite well. This is the first i have heard of a refurbished power supply, but generally there is someone who sits down, fixes it, and runs it through its paces before letting it out the door so it should be just as good or slightly better quality than a retail one.
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    Refurbished does not mean anything was wrong with it.
    It can also mean someone bought it and opened the box.Used it to test their computer to check if their power supply was bad and then returned it to the store.
    Once the original packaging has been opened it can no longer be sold as NEW.
    They take all of the returned units test them and the good ones get sold as "Refurbished".

    It could of had a bad solder joint ,bad cap etc... but repaired as sold as refurbished.

    as long as the warranty is intact you will be good to go.
  3. So you send them a 550w fatal1ty and they send you a 700w ModX, how does that work? :pt1cable:

    I've got both, you'll find the ModX a bit louder but overall you've got a better psu really.

    If its refurbed an checked by OCZ it should be fine, probably be like new.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I feel a bit better : )

    Beanoslim: worked out well, they didn't have anything else in stock, soo, I got an upgrade : )
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