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Howdy there folks,

I plan on using an old pc case for a little server with some newly bought wd reds. oddly enough though, it mounts hdds upside down. anyone have opinion on the effect to longevity and stability of this?

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    IMHO, no effect. I have mounted hard drives right-side up, sideways, upside-down, and held in midair by rubber bands. (the latter is to reduce noise from my Velociraptor.)

    Moving the case while the drive is spinning may not be good for the drive.
  2. That is a genius idea. I'm going to hang all my harddrives.

    +1 As long as they aren't moved mounting wont matter
  3. There are probably easier ways to quiet them. I used a commercial product meant to install a noisy 2.5" disk in a 3.5" bay. Voided the warranty, too, as I had to remove the Velociraptor from the "Icy Bay" dock, which is a well-known noise amplifier.

    Check out the pictures:
  4. That is great. Doing it now with all my HDDs
  5. Post a pic sometime.
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