Athlon II x3 445 or Phenom x2 550?

Hi, I'm going to be upgrading my processor(Nothing fancy.haha) And I play games like GTA IV and MMORPGs and I'm just wondering what processor you'd think would be better for this? I don't plan on unlocking right now as my motherboard just can't do that. :@. So, I'm just wondering which is best. Thanks ;D
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  1. I'm seeing how the x2 550 is better on all of them :/ But if your sure gta IV will run smoother on athlon II x3 then maybe that's the one i'll get :)
  2. Yep Athlon II x3 is the way to go.
  3. Looks like that's my plan then ;D Haha I'm upgrading from a athlon x2 5200+ ..Which is nearly destroyed :/ Thanks for your help!
  4. The 445 looks pretty decent. And the Phenom II x3 740 = £110+. That, I do not have. );
  5. Are we talking about the athlon II x3 445 here? :P
  6. yeah noticed. Can you unlock the athlon x3? I didn't know. And no I'm just upgrading current system which has a motherboard which can't unlock. So after I buy the athlon I'll get looking for a cheap motherboard which can unlock
  7. An important question is what video card do you have?

    Edit: If it is the 4850 in your config, you will not notice a difference between either processor unless the game can use more than 2 cores in which case the x3 will be better.
  8. Asus EAH4850 512mb
  9. yeah I'm mainly getting the upgrade for GTA IV which I believe is multi-core. Oh that and my current processor seems to be having some serious problems with heat at the moment and I think i've partially fried it :/
  10. I used a bios mod on my 4850 to up the fan speed on load. Never hits 80*C and is still decently quiet. The older ones also have some degradation because of the heat over the years. Bad idea the single slot cooler. My friend has a 4850 and it used to reach 100*C, which it didn't when he first got it (yes he cleaned the dust). So he got a $30 aftermarket cooler.

    I used to use an Athlon IIx4 with a 3870. I got the same performance as my friend with his 3870 except in games like dragon age or GTA IV, which make heavy use of multiple cores. He had an E7400, I believe. This is when he wished he had a quad.

    Most games today can use 3+ cores, especially with all the console ports.
  11. So, I should speed up my fan?
  12. dubsanta said:
    So, I should speed up my fan?

    What temps are you getting for the 4850?
  13. woah...According to GPU-Z right now it's 73.0c and that's not with any games or anything..
  14. dubsanta said:
    woah...According to GPU-Z right now it's 73.0c and that's not with any games or anything..

    That's what I get when folding@home with my card. I'd look into the bios mod if i were you but I'm not you. There is a certain risk of messing things up as a bios mod modifies the 4850's bios.
  15. :/ It's bloody hot. I'm not sure if I should risk it though
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