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i have these Ripjaws X 2133mhz @ 1600mhz since mobo only support up to 1600mhz @ 8-8-8-20 TRFC 88 Memtest86+ 4.20 stable

It shows that it's a dual channel memory, so could i buy 1 more stick for triple channel?

also my second problem is...

recommended slots on the evga manual doesn't work for my sticks, shows some unusable.

Extremely grateful if you can lend me a hand.

Update: Apparently the first two sockets show up as Single Channel on CPU-Z. :(

Update 2: Found out why two sticks were labeled dual channel (I'm dumb) used my 2GB A-DATA 2000X on Slot #5 and got Triple Channel Going.

Startup is a little faster, but Windows show 10GB (5.99 usable)

I'ved checked each ram stick individually, they all work alone fine, none is dead.
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  1. Now that is something I must say, A dual Channel Stick of mem cannot be Triple Channel.....
    No You can buy any number of Dual Channel Mem Stick and it'll still be Dual Channel on the whole, not triple channel
    If you buy Triple Channel Mem a whole set of them, then it'll be triple channel.
    I would try and avoid mixing tri channel and dual channel RAM if I were you.
    Either have all of them in Dual Channel or have all of the in tri channel.

    Your A-Data RAM is Tri Channel and your RipJaws are Dual Channel.

    If you do not have an option and want to use all those mixed up RAMs, in other mobos we have the same type RAMs put into slots which are directly linked, meaning 1,3&5 and the next set in 2,4&6.

    But sometimes if timings differ , to make the flow of data smooth, you need to use 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 pairings.
  2. Then why does E-Leet (CPU-Z) show it's on Triple Channel?

    Not to mention i got an extra 200+points on 3DMark11 Performance Test.

    Was P6219, now P6421
  3. You can use any three DIMMs you want to achieve triple channel, but only if the DIMMs are purchased as a kit will the manufacturer guarantee their stability. It looks like you have it sorted if you have it showing up as triple channel in CPU-Z.
  4. Cos it has detected a tri channel RAM in one slot which is not paired with anyother populated slot.
  5. @ Cuecuemore, so if it shows up as triple it should be working at that performance level of a triple channel right?

    @ Alyoshka, ah i see.
    Do you guys know why windows only let me use 6Gb of the 10GB?

    this problem happens too even if i take one stick out.
  6. No even if it shows up as triple it may not work at the level of performance.
    The system is optimized to find a balanced ratio of timings between all the RAM modules put into the rig. Forget the individual timings set by OC'ers. When a layman puts things into his rig, the bios automatically finds the balance if it can work it out.
    Till you don't mess with RAM timings and voltages in the BIOS it'll do what is needed to get a stable system.
  7. oh wow that clarifies everything.

    So i guess it would be a waste if i don't get triple channel ram since i have a motherboard that supports it.

    Im going to sell my 2x2gb A-Data 2000X & 2x4gb Ripjaws X 2133 then.

    These would work fine in triple channel right?

    Only cheap one i can find. i never go anywhere past 1600mhz anyways :(
  8. SO basically you have 2 * 4GB Dual channel RAM modules and 1*2GB Tri Channel Module.
    I would suggest populating All the Black Mem Slots on the Mobo with the RAMS, then try checking the timing and the amount available.
    You will need to shuffle the single tri channel ram between the three slots to get the right timings and amount and a stable system.
  9. Yes That RAM will work pretty well with your Mobo, but I'd suggest you take a look at the qualified vendors list for that mobo from evga to get the exact models correct.
  10. that is correct, im using 2 sticks of 4gb, and 1 stick 2gb on the gray slots.

    i will switch them all to the black slots and see if anything happens.

    thanks for helping me by the way :D
  11. Give us CPU Z screenshots for all three combinations, and we might be able to sort it out for the best timing and amount of usable RAM
  12. Tried the 3 dimms on the black slots, it would turn off and on about 10x. i got mad, and removed the 2gb stick on the far right but it still had the issue.

    switched the first one back to the gray and it boots now.

    Switched back to the triple channel setup.

    First it was

    GSkill(gray) GSkill(gray) Adata(Gray)

    Which let me use 5.99GB of the 10GB

    now i made it

    GSkill(gray) Adata(gray) Gskill(Gray)

    and now it let's me use 7.99GB of the 10GB

    I'm going to try

    AData(gray) GSkill(gray) Gskill(Gray)

    to see if it does anything.
  13. ok, sry, I just downloaded your boards manual, it says Grey slots come first, so my mistake, use all the grey slots and shuffle between them.

    Populate Slots 1& 3 with the Dual RIps you have and check
  14. Ripjaws on 1 & 3 will show 8gb, 3.99gb usable dual channel.

    I tried the sockets..
    AData(gray) GSkill(gray) Gskill(Gray)

    Only gave me 5.99 usable.

    i guess the highest i can have on triple channel is 7.99gb's.
  15. Looks like you already reached the best layout with you existing setup of 1& 5 With RipJaws and 3 With Adata.... :)
    Now if I did know a little about RAM timings, I'd fool around with them. But this is not to get them to run in triple channel please remember that.
    This is just to make good use of what you have got.
    I am still trying to figure out the 2GB unusable......
    I have a feeling that the Dual Channels are using a part of the triple channel Module as a cache since it's faster and thus the missing 2 GB.....
  16. yeah i understand.

    i guess 7.99GB is max for this, i added another A-Data in between and it shows 12GB, but again only 7.99GB Usable.

    I can easily afford triple channel if i sell these, so that i can gain performance.

    I'm guessing my motherboard doesn't work so well for dual channel ram, thats why it's not letting me use all the memory.

    Thanks a lot Alyoshka.

    Edit; yeah it's probably the dual channel on a mobo made for tri channel that's making it act like that.
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