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I took my Advent T9102 apart as it was really old and was slowly going down hill. I took the decent parts out and put them in my Advent T9308. Everything starts up and works fine but the DVDRW drive I put in a spare bay isn't appearing under device manager, but I can see it in the Bios?

If I just plug in the original Dual layer DVD±RW drive its registered in the bios and shows up under device manager and my computer, but as soon as I plug in the Advent T9102 Pioneer DVR-108DB DVDRW drive as well, it appears in the bios and nothing comes up under device manager or my computer, not only does it not come up but the original Dual layer DVD±RW drive completely disappears from both the bios and my computer/device manager like its been replaced :??:

I just want both DVDRW drives to show up in bios and show up in device manager/my computer? Can anyone tell me how to do this? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate.

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  1. Try changing the jumper settings from cable select to the newer drive as master and the older drive as slave.
  2. Thanks, first time I've had 2 hard drives and 2 DVD drives. Changed the IDE jumpers to Masters/Slaves and its all working great, thanks!
  3. Good call Corbeau! I haven't even *seen* IDE drives in so long that I'd have never thought to ask the question :)
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