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Hi guys i have my own pc which is fine but im building a smaller one for my kids xmas box - he loves the FF series and ofcourse wants XIV! Will this rig run it ok, i have everything up and running but got a faulty ram chip and are awaiting a replacement.

AMD X2 250 3.0Ghz CPU
4Gb DDR3 1333Mhz Ram
HD5770 1Gb DDR5 Super OverClocked Edition (apparently 4% faster than a GTX460)
Windows 7 32Bit (he has problems with some stuff on 64bit!)

I ran the benchmark and got 3200 on low with just the 2Gb of ram. With the other stick in would it be fair to say he could run this game fairly smooth (high detail etc isnt a MUST just some level of playability).

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  1. You are going to have a lot of issues going forward with 32bit windows. I don't see why it wouldn't run it ok though i have heard the game can be a bit intensive.
  2. he has things that just DONT WORK with 64bit but the operating system is easily changed i was more talking hardware tbh - tnx for the reply though.
  3. I'd suggest upping to a Athlon II X3 445 ($75), or an X4 640 ($100) if you can swing it. FFXIV loves more cores.
  4. originally was goiing for the x4 but the budget was really tight and thought i would be better throwing the spare cash at the graphics card as i saw it suggested minimum specs would be a GTX460 lol!
  5. I would hit red camp as this game is more friendlier to em' ^^
  6. hit red camp? is that code for something i should be aware of???
  7. Haha nah i meant ATI/AMD based GPUs @@
  8. ran the test on my own pc and got 1913 on high - 2956 on low with the following ...

    AMD x2 555 unlocked to x4 @ stock 3.2Ghz
    4Gb DDR3 OCZ
    9800GT 1Gb DDR3
    Windows 7 32Bit

    yes my gfx are ancient lol!
  9. Well for non enthusiasts/lower end rig owners u could always tone down res/settings and still enjoy the game ^^
  10. a new GPU will push that right up into playable on high
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