Is this a good power supply for 2x570's

For my new sandy bridge sli gaming rig.

I'm going to start with one 570 and end up with another later.

This is the psu I'm looking at because of the price.
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  1. Quote:
    Hi benson

    Yes its good psu and will do.

    Thanks for the quick response. For the price you cannot beat it.
  2. Its a very nice seasonic built unit, you really cant beat it for the price, it performs similar to a Corsair HX 850 for quite a bit less, it will have plenty of power for 2 570s and some overclocking in the future.
  3. In this case, with the XFX you get more than you paid for.
    It's the same great quality as the Corsair, only very minor disadvantage is the 5 year warranty vs the 7 year warranty of Corsair, however you'll probably have a new PSU in 5 years anyways.
  4. Exactly my thoughts, I just need reassurance to make sure my decisions are correct. A $40 rebate on an already respectable price is just what I'm looking for.
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