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is it possible to share ram with vga in Dell Dimension 2350 using Bios version A01
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  1. If it is possible(this is assuming you don't have a dedicated discrete graphics card) it will be possible through the BIO settings, Search around for the onboard graphics settings and you should find how much ram is currently being dedicated, Likely 64~128mb, you should then be able to up this to a max of 256mb SFAIK.
  2. Right^
    If you have an on-board VGA,then you can enable "on-board VGA" in the BIOS and up to 512MB will go to your card(depending on the model),
    However it won't make any noticeable difference in your card's performance
  3. Yeah... I remember the old days with the pc I'm currently using now, WoW with a 6150 SE onboard graphics.... wow could be used to described the fact that it when, or how good the game was.
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