Requesting help for final overview.

Hey guys. Just wanted to ask for a final rundown from you regarding the parts I chose for my system
before I decide to buy it (today or tomorrow). Some feedback would be great, and I hope I don't take
too much of your time. :)

CPU: INTEL CORE i5 760 2.8 LGA1156


>chose this particular motherboard (among the limited ones available) because it supports crossfire;
a probable upgrade path for me in the future; and because I can't afford P55 boards with my budget.
>other choices here are: MSI H55M-E33, INTEL H55TC, INTEL DH55PJ, ASUS P7H55-M.
>some feedback about this would be super great! :)

MONITOR:18.5" Samsung monitor


>chose the 5770 because as far as I know, it can pretty much handle almost any game with high settings
using an 18.5" monitor. Also, not aiming for super high resolutions. :)


>heard some good things about western digital.
>Seagate hdd is also available.


>4gb RAM for 64bit-win7. What's the diff with KINGSTON 2GB DDR3 PC10600 though? D:


> basic, inexpensive dvd reader/burner


>Actually a 450 watt. Better brands such as Antec, ocz, Corsair are not available here so I'm sticking to this
one til I can afford to order the better ones.
>I will be using an ordinary, inexpensive ATX casing, but would probably upgrade to something like an Antec
Sonata iii case in the future (with an included antec earthwatts 500w psu); Thoughts please?

Hoping for your thoughts... Thank you! :)
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  1. Hello your base build is pretty nice though there are a few things.

    The crossfire on H55 boards is x16/x4 compared to most P55 boards which are x8/x8. For crossfire x8/x8 is required otherwise you can bottleneck cards, the 5770s are bottlenecked by x4 I think by around 85%. Therefore you should really go for a P55 board if you want to Crossfire.

    You could drop down the CPU to an i3 530 so that you can afford a P55 board. The i3 530 will not bottleneck a single HD 5770 though with two there could be a bottleneck. This could be negated by a CPU OC. Though the bottleneck will not be major.

    Are you sure you require Crossfire in the future, with your small screen a single 5770 should be fine for anything. So maybe a H55 board won't be so bad as you might not find the need to crossfire and so the P55 ends up a waste of money. Still though you could go with the cheaper i3.

    4GB of memory really is required which you should be able to afford if you get the i3. Also the memory you selected is only 1066MHz (divide the 8500 by 8), this speed is not really enough. 1333MHz is optimal and I don't believe it is much more expensive.

    If you have any money left over I would recommend getting a better PSU. But if it is not possible then Gigabyte one "should" tie you over.

    Theres some things to think about, hope it helps.
  2. Thank you for the reply.

    Crossfire on that mobo was just an extra I guess. By the time I would need to
    crossfire, i would probably buy a new rig altogether. :D

    RAM, I guess I should go for the PC10600 then. (10600/8 = 1325; same as 1333?)

    Unfortunately, there aren't any better PSU's here at the moment.
    your 'should tide you over' comment makes me a bit nervous though. xD
  3. When you say PSUs available "here" do you mean you are buying all parts at a local store? I agree you should try for a better PSU. Not saying that one is bad but I think you would be better off with something larger than 450W
  4. Yes. All parts will be bought at a local store (or two, but they have almost exactly the same hardware); which is why I am going for a 450w Gigabyte instead.

    I know their PSU's aren't exactly as good as their motherboards, but I think it's better
    than using a generic one or using ones from HUNTKEY, HEC, ACBEL, ZUMAX, etc. >_<

    With that said, a 450w one will be more than enough for my components, right?
    No overclocking or crossfire.
  5. Hello, sorry to make you feel scared :).

    I don't know much about their PSUs but I'd say they would be much better then generic.

    Quality PSUs can handle a 5770 with 350W whereas recommended is 500W (I think). If you were running a generic I would really want 500W but the Gigabyte should be fine with 450W. You could see if Hardwaresecrets or johnnyguru have a review on that PSU.

    If you can't buy online then get it, though you will be buying 2 so maybe spending the money now would be better.

    If you want to handle CF then you'd have to go with 600W.

    Are you going with the i3? It will be more then enough for gaming so if your only gaming then get it. Though if your doing video encoding or other CPU intensive stuff you'll want the i5.
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