How to convert pc to a hd player


I want to convert my pc to play hd movied on my lcd tv, i want it this way

a. display only the movie on the lcd hd tv.
b. all windows menu should be displayed on a small touch lcd monitor, so i can copy files and control the movie from the touch lcd screen.
c. means the lcd tv should act like output monitor.

Has any one done this way or any better idea.

Why i dont want to use a hard disk based hdtv player, most of the time new and better file formats comes in our way, so most manufacturer dont support new formats and updates required, so we have to buy a new product or box.

Please help.


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  1. For us to help ya better state what current h/w u on?
  2. For a fresh build if one wants Blu Ray capability:

  3. batuchka said:
    For a fresh build if one wants Blu Ray capability:


    my hardware is core2duo 2.9ghz, xfx630i mobo, nvidea 8400 graphics, 4gb ram, 320gb ram, wired and wireless lan
  4. Hmm if your GPU has no onboard HDMI then perhaps

    a. DVI/VGA to pass video to TV
    b. RCA-to-3.5mm cable to pass audio?
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