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ive had my SSD for about 4 months now. The first couple of weeks it ran fine no problems and then sometimes during boot it wouldnt recognize my SSD a quick power off and on and it worked just fine recently though it will hang on boots and ill have to wait a while and sometimes actually wiggle the connection going into the MOBO for it to be recognized again usually it only messes up when booting after a shutdown or restart which baffles me. it will run just fine if I just put my computer to sleep so im not to sure what the problem is. it seems like a loose connection to the mobo but its only during the boot and i havent had and BSOD's or the such. and i think one freeze and crash but thats it. any insight into what could be causing this problem would help.
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  1. I would first try to change the sata cable and the sata port on the mobo. Also take a look into event viewer. If i/o errors occurred while normal operation, they will show up there.
  2. Hello... it seems you have already done some good testing... try another sata cable and another sata input on your motherboard to continue your testing along that lines... also check and try another power connector to your SSD.
  3. ive switched ports and i thought the error was fixed but it started occurring again. ill have to try switching cables but the end attached to the SSD is a little stiff at wanting to come out. if its not the cable could it quite possibly be the SSD? and if so is there anyway of checking to see if it has some error on it?

    EDIT: in regards to the power connection ive switched it since i did some rewiring and cable management and the problem still persists. im thinking it might be either a bad drive or a bad cable.
  4. Hello... be careful... there are locking and releasing tabs on cables... so you don't break your SSD connector slot.
  5. so ive changed the cable and i thought it was working i ran a chkdisk and it gets stuck at the same spot when doing the test. so what does that mean? also its when its trying to verify file data it get stuck at file 17303 everytime
  6. so far no crash. it would crash and lockup when trying to make a backup but after the cable switch it hasent yet. i did a ssd benchmark and i dont think my numbers are anywhere near what there suppose to be.
    <Read>484.60 MB/s
    <Write>128.07 MB/s
    if it doesnt crash or lockup anymore then the speeds are probably because of the cable since i switched it out with value pack one i bought.
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