1600Mhz ram Causes Mobo Stability Problems

Hey I have a Annoying Problem with my ram and motherboard. My Motherboard is a GA-790xta-UD4, which is Supposed to run 1600Mhz Ram. With 2 Sticks off Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1GB 1600Mhz Ram it runs fine. I Bought another Two sticks of the exact same ram and installed them and now i get ram errors and BSOD every now and then if i run at 1600Mhz. I currently am running my ram at 1333Mhz and its flawless. I have run Memtest86 for hours with with both sets of ram individually at 1600Mhz and all four at 1333Mhz no problems. With 4 at 1600Mhz problems almost instantly. After Researching online i found this board is quite notorious for its Various problems. I was Wondering If i overclocked my FBS or My North-Bridge would it help or if there is something else you could recommend it would be great. I have though about increasing ram voltage to increase the stability of the ram but as far as i know it appears to be more of a motherboard thing. Any input would be reat before i go messing around in the bios. Thanks in advance.
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    Not much difference in performance between 1333 and 1600; I would set it at 1333 and increase your cpu fsb by 20% and see if it's stable. Overclocking the cpu is more beneficial than just running your ram at 1600. The net ram speed will be 1600 when you set your cpu fsb 20% higher. I use 240 with my sempron 140, but it disables cool and quiet energy saving software. Some boards will run cool and quiet even when overclocked, but mine doesn't.
  2. In addition to what o1die stated, unless you buy a matched, tested RAM Kit, there is no guarantee that several of the same DIMMs will function without issue or that they will run at the advertised frequency for one or a pair of DIMMs. DDR3 in particular can be quite fussy as the frequencies continue to increase. That is why it's best to buy a matched RAM kit.

    My testing shows less than 1% diff in system performance between 1333 Mhz. and 1600 Mhz. RAM frequency.

    If you want to try CPU OC'ing the tutorial at the link below should help.
  3. Ok Thx for your advice i would have bought a kit and sold my old ram but i didn't have the cash. I'm starting to OC my CPU so ill probably bump up the FSB at the same time. I'm a bit short of time now that I'm back at school but when i have a stable OC ill post a reply. Thanks for your help and quick response. :sol:
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