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CPU getting too hot!

Hello everyone,

I overclocked my cpu today (again), to 2.8 GHz, the Temps are getting to about 62-63 Celsius :ouch: , is this OK, for an Athlon II x4 or bad? I have overvolted the cpu to 1.5v to get here, other wise I can't go over 2.7 GHz, should I down clock or is this a malfunctioning cooler? This would be pointless to overclock if I can't go over 2.8 GHz from 2.6 GHz!

My complete specs are:
CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 620 (can unlock L3 cache if I want)
Mobo: ASUS M4A78LT-M DDR3 Version (780L/760G chipset)
GPU: Nvidia 9500 GT 512 mb ddr2
RAM: 4 GB DDR3 mushkin 1066 MHz
Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper 101a

Heres a screenshot:

Oh, and I stress tested the CPU with Stability test in Overdrive and overclocked with ASUS AI Suite. And the CPU runs at 39 Celsius at Idle with Cooln'Quiet enabled.... and I disabled the cache and ACC to get the temps in AOD...

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    Set it back like it was and set the voltage to 1.3V. Then go to the overclock section and ask in there how to OC it.
  2. 63C is not too bad, although I am surprised you needed to up the voltage. Are you sure it's not the RAM causing instability?

    Also, I think you may be in for a nasty surprise if you try to unlock the L3 cache on an Athlon...
  3. ^+2 except the bit about the nasty surprise if it works its worth having if it doesn't leave it locked. My brother unlocked the L3 cache on his x3 440 and its fine.
  4. I can unlock the L3 cache but then I can't see the individual core temperature, I get like 5-6 extra fps with L3 enabled, I downed the voltage to 1.3 (default) and strangely I can now go up to 2899 Mhz (223x13) 0.o, but I've heard C2 chips are not that overclockable, so I think a 2.9 GHz Phenom II x4 is good enough (for now)...

    And thanks! I saw some guys reviewing this chip overclocked to 3.4 GHz with 1.5 volts made me jealous xD... I tried but it didn't work, I think its the chipset limitation? This was the cheapest motherboard with AM3 4xDDR3 slots and 1 PCIe x1 slot (usb 3.0 card :D)
  5. I have to say WOW! I dropped the RAM frequency to 400 mhz (from 667mhz) and now I am at 3.1 GHz but my HT link gone down WAY too much its at 960 mhz, I am stability testing, nothing passed the 60 Celsius yet, so its all good, next I am going to try to get 3.2 ghz by taking steps of 2 mhz in the base clock.

    I also wanted to know that if HT link has gone down that much will it affect overall performance?
  6. motherboard bios doesnt allow it, It only shows 200 mhz up to 800 mhz
  7. wait is NB Multiplier actually the HT link multiplier?
  8. Quote:
    The NB, well pretty much see how high you can get it, you want to increase the cpu nb voltage for that, try to keep it below 1.5v
    Oc the cpu first, then mess with the nb multi to see how high it will go
    Also drop the ram divider, and tighten timings...

    but I do not clock anymore so maybe others who are more active will correct me and you...

    uhh... I dont know about RAM timings (or anything about RAM ocing), I think RAM clock is okay (462 MHz, I think DDR should be 924Mhz? I only have 1066 MHz Ram) I just want to push the cpu without pushing the voltage, oh I found out NB and HT multi are the same thing :D!
  9. Quote:
    What's you ram timings and what's its latency?

    it was same as this but clocked at 1066 MHz
  10. i have a 635 i'll pass what i learned about oc'ing on
    1) turn the acc on you'll get more clock, don't worry about seeing the individual core temps as long as you get one core reading, i've heard that their is only one coretemp sensor in there anyway.
    2) ungang the memory if it isn't already i you'll get more clock
    3) keep the htlink ~2000
    4) go slow with the voltage, i didn't get 1mhz more from 1.45v to 1.5, and keep it cool, mine will start failing stress tests at around 55C @ 250fsb

    and to answer your original question i think that those temps are a bit high they say that around 70c is the max for those chips.

    the ram is a whole other animal keep them slow with loose timings till you get your max clock, then work on tightening them up. When you get there post that to the oc forums.
  11. i didn't mean to keep it fixed but to bump down as needed to keep it around 2k mine will do >2200 ok his milage may vary though
    thanks for the point of clarification though everything always sounds clear in your own head
  12. Thanks for all the replies, but how do I tighten the RAM? what does that mean anyways? What settings should I look for in the BIOS?

    This is what I have currently,

    I think 59 Degrees are okay considering its running at 100 % (which in real world will never happen), you can look at the specs (its a Deneb!) and tell me what I should do to "tighten" the RAM (?)

    Now I know why people told me to get a higher clocked RAM, I should have listened to them lol, I cant go over 494 mhz which I think should be 988 mhz DDR? Anyways currently in bios I have set the RAM frequency to 400 MHz, if I put it to 533 MHz Win 7 BSODs and reboots.

    EDIT: Forgot, I stressed the CPU for an hour...
  13. Quote:
    excellent suggestion - Herr_Koos

    where you from anyways Herr.?
    South Africa.?

    Born and bred, yes!
  14. Quote:
    i think that was satirical and he means that he's in for a good surprise..

    No satire intended. Only the first Athlon II's still had the L3 cache on the die. After a while they just chopped it off completely. Hence the nasty surprise: You can't unlock something that isn't there...
  15. Quote:
    where in south africa? Cape Town here lol

    Awesome! I live in Centurion and work in Pretoria CBD.
  16. Proud Bloubul, Mr WeePee! True about the weather; You've got the sunshine and we've got the rain at the moment.
  17. Quote:
    I was actually trying to buffer the (simon12) guy from starting something he really didn't want to start...:D

    Ah! Very civil of you. Interesting thing is, OP's L3 really does seem to work.
  18. Can anyone tell me how to tighten memory timings, I have some memory config option in bios when i put it to DCT0, it shows some options, when I put it to DCT1 it shows some other options (?), what should I do? I can also put it on Both, then I see all the options?
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