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X79 SSD caching

January 24, 2013 5:54:52 PM

Okay Parts should be in my hot little hands Monday

I want to set up as Following I purchaded a ASUS P9X79 DELUXE with 64Gb of Ram (see this video from Asus for why I want to try this) I dropped back to DDR1600 from DDR32400 to afford the extra ram.

OCZ Max Iops 240GB SSD

OCZ MAX IOPS 120Gb SSD caching 2TB WD Black (RE)
(considering moving the windows swap to here or disabling it completly two schools of thoght on that)

Ram Cache for Temp files and Program caching not for WIndows Swap

RamDisk 24Gb R: Drive
(room for a few games)

The downside is huge to the ramdisk all of that data needs to be mounted and dismounted when you reboot your computer I only reboot maybe once or twice a month so it isn't a big deal to me and I have a UPS so data loss is lessened, none of the videos I have found or searches I have done say I can't use all three at the same time, can anyone fill in the blanks for why this will or won't work? am I missing anything (the RamDisk software is around 100 bucks unless Asus has a free version)

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