Direct X 10 or Direct X 11

hey everyone,

Quick question, what is the true difference between the two, and will it be worth :

1. Upgrading my GTX 260 to a GTX 460 (To get Direct X 11), or sli-ing my GTX 260 (Staying with Direct X 10?

2. Or using my GTX 260 as a physx dedicated card, alongside the GTX 460??

please respond, please include visual comparisons if found regarding the difference between DX10 and DX11

thanks so much

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  1. I think this should guide you well.

    Although this article is about DX11, it would certainly boast about DX11.

    I would say the option two is fine for now. Since DX11 optimized games are very few in the market now. But later when it becomes more dominant, sell off the GTX260 and get the GTX460. This is only keeping budget in mind. But it would also be good, if you get a GTX470 and SLI later. More powerful, but a little less value for money. :)
  2. For now, stay. Don't upgrade for teh sake of upgrading. I'd wait for the next wave of die shrinks before getting a new card.
  3. I would either sell the GTX 260 and get the GTX 460 or just wait a few months for the HD6000 series and the rest of the Fermi cards. Even if you don't go for one of the cards that isn't out yet there should be price drops on the ones that are already around.
  4. Jyjjy basically hit the nail on the head, DX11 doesn't have a big enough impact right now, if the only reason you are upgrading is for DX11, then wait.
  5. ..agreed with Gamer - Don't upgrade for the sake of upgrading. WHen your existing setup is no longer cutting it, *then* upgrade.
  6. thank you everyone for the great responses and easing me a bit.

    yes, the only reason for upgrading, is upgrading itself... if that makes sense, i'm already playing games at high settings @ 1680 x 1050, and running perfectly! I'm getting about 14050 on 3D Mark '06, so my rig isn't performing too badly... the reason mainly was direct X11, which you guys said its not really that worth it! (For now at least!)

    first of all i'm gonna wait for the next wave of graphics cards to come out, or even see what the 6xxx series has to offer ( I love Ati and Nvidia equilly, both are great companies which offer different benefits!)

    thanks again for your great responses,

    will keep in touch about the decision i'll make!

  7. Good choice. Right now there are so few titles with DX11, and an even fewer amount of those have differences that are very noticible. I'm thinking by Q2 next year we should see a bigger impact in DX11.
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