What is the most expensive cpu

how much the cpu
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  1. i7-975 Extreme is pretty pricey at about 1k

    Then there is the server offerings from Intel like the Xeon X7560 which is over $3,000
    You could always buy a Cray?
  2. Either the i7-975 Extreme or i7-980 Extreme. Depending on where you shop. Both seem to be fluctuating between $999 to $1,075.
  3. Ahh... I forgot the server CPUs...

  4. I believe that the IBM Power7 gets even higher than that, though I'm not sure what it's actual price is.
  5. The most expensive processors for desktop computers using X86 would be Intel's Extreme Edition processors, the I7 980X I believe is their most powerful, but even older outdated Extreme Edition chips will sell new for close to $1,000 like the new ones.
  6. Quote:
    isnt there a cpu from ibm that runs > 5ghz stock?
    that would be hellishly expensive and more importantly, expensive to run and cool.

    I think that was the Power6 series. I believe the Power7 went torwards more cores at the expense of clockspeed, though the fastest are still 4+ GHz.
  7. You won't see this for another 20 years assuming AMD can pick up its competition. :P

    obsidian86 said:
  8. The 3 best processor are the:
    AMD Opteron 6174
    Intel Core i7 990x
    and the Intel Xeon X7560
    I don't know what is the best:D (The best is when you have all that three) :bounce:
  9. Why do you want the most expensive when that one maybe is´nt the best and fastest for your purpose? What are you gonna do with it? If you really want the most expensive you may should consulting US Army NORAD center...
  10. Quantum computing processors?
  11. Better question is why was this thread revived after one year and 4 months?

    Patrik's statement is awfully dated, considering he just posted info. New server chips, new extreme edition processors, and maybe new opteron's (?).
  12. do server cpus make great gaming cpus?
  13. No, because games can't take advantage of the extra 4-6 cores. Also they are clocked very low which also makes them WORSE for gaming!
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