Hard disk is clicking, locking for replacement parts


suddenly my hard disk makes clicking noise. It didn't fall to ground or something like that and i took always care of it.
I'd read such articles and seen such videos about data recovery in this case (head swap). First of all, i won't go to put this thing in the freezer. Rather i'd like to change the circuit board or if this will not work for me i will change the read/write heads.
There are such websites who offer circuit boards, apparently no one is offering other replacement part. :-(
I can't afford $500-$900 for professional repair/data recovery, so i'll go to do it by my self.
So can anybody offer me an used cheap hard disk of type: ST31000528AS ?


ps: no there's no backup! ;)
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  1. so you're going to attempt to change the read/write heads? lol lemme know how that works for you. also its not the circuit board doing it. always backup your data.

    do you hear the disk spin up, or just the clicking noise?

    try giving it a gentle shake upon startup, sometimes that will get it going, and if it does, backup your data!
  2. I know.. "always backup your data" is what i used to say to other. On power up device is clicking for a few seconds, then it turns off, apparently it doesn't spin. I think it's not the circuit board so yes i'm going to change the heads. It's my final attempt to backup my precious data.
  3. i don't think you will be able to successful change the heads, without a "cleanroom". besides if its clicking, heads wouldnt be the issue. try taking the hard drive out of the case and giving it a gentle shake, when its attempting to spin up, also, in the past i have temporarily fixed this issue, with a light tap of a rubber mallet, to the side of the drive. again thats just temporary, so you can back up your data.
  4. I just want to rescue my important data and then get rid of that damn disk. I opened the case and tried to shake on startup. I shook the disk vertical. Disks spun up and the more a shook heads tried to go in position. Few seconds later the disk got quiet.
  5. ps: i just opened the usb case not hard drive case ;)
  6. One time HDD is opened in a normal room means your HDD is gone, HDD repair needs a dust proof room.
  7. Anything you can do OTHER THAN opening the hard drive advisable. Clicking = Death. If you can get any data off, do it. Then try whatever home remedies you can think of, you have nothing to lose. As others have said HDD repair must be done is CLEAN ROOM, that means guys in full white body suits and multiple layers of air locks and filtering. Think a high level disease or biological weapons lab. But then again, in the end you don't have anythng to lose, other than time and money (:

    If it's any help
  8. I am aware of the risk opening a hard drive. Problem is the disk has gone from one day to the other. I can not mount the disk and syslog show I/O error. So opening the disk my final attempt to rescue some of my precious data.
    Thank you for your suggestions.
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